Which long strap for Sunset Blvd

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  1. I bought a Sunset Blvd in August and haven't used it once! :shocked:
    I mainly carry bags over the shoulder and the small strap would put it right under my arm... Eeek on the skin print on the clutch! That's why I haven't carried it. Last week, I went into an LV store to price a special order long strap and they told me it would be $275. It would look like the one for Bel Air on UK site but in Rouge Fauviste. (so longer gold chain part)

    Given the price, I am now considering getting an Eva clutch in Azur or Monogram and use that long strap instead. ($550) What does everyone think? What would you do instead?
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    I love the bel air strap on the SB. :smile: I think it is better to match the color of the bag. Here are a couple of pics. #1 is the bag with the long strap, #2 is the bag with the normal strap, #3 is the bag with a plain vachetta strap that i've had for quite a while. I don't have an eva, but i think the vachetta strap is probably similar to it based on the pics i'm seeing online. I hung the bag in the same spot on the same door, so hopefully seeing the same door will give you a pretty good idea. Hope that helps!

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  3. Hate to say it, but the first strap looks really good if you want more length.
  4. Thank you so much for the pictures. The first one is gorgeous!! :smile:
  5. No problem. The first strap is really pricey, but it looks great on the bag. :smile:. It is nice to have the option of the long strap.
  6. The first pic looks the best.
  7. I like the 1st picture. It looks very pretty and classy.
  8. I think you should go for the special strap for the SB as it looks good with a chain strap....if you use other straps they might ruin the look of the SB.
  9. Well that first pic has pretty much sold me on what I want for my next bag hehe. It looks so fantastic with the first strap!!!!
  10. Thanks, Ladies! :smile: I have the same feeling as well. The picture pretty much sold me on it!.

  11. The fist one looks great! Now I want a bel air strap for mine...
  12. I carry mine as a clutch but if I were to put a strap on it, I would also go for the first option :smile:
  13. If you don't want to use the original strap, go with option 1. I think it maintains the bag's appeal, but with more length.