Which L'Occitane products should I buy?

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  1. I have noticed that alot of you like the L'Occitane products. I am looking to purchase a body lotion or cream but they make so many. What products do you like best from them? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi well don't really know about the body products but yesterday I bought the Shea Butter for my hands overnight and the cuticle and nail cream. I also use the Shea Butter hand cream. they are very good.
  3. Another vote for the Shea butter range and I also love their vanilla bath line - they are great products and last for ages.
  4. I've only tried the 20% shea butter hand cream but I love it. I've repurchased several times. It's very smooth and concentrated. Just put on a little and let it sink in. As soon as it does, it's not greasy and your hands won't feel dry unless you wash the cream off.
  5. I love their vanilla body cream. It's absorbed instantly & doesn't have that greasy after feeling that so many other lotions have. If you get the chance I suggest that you go into one of their stores: all of their products have testers.
  6. The shea butter is very good but I also really like the eye gel made of olive oil. It melts into the skin and feels weightless.
  7. You mean the olive express eye treatment?


    Does it help with undereye circles?
  8. i love the pure shea butter, shea butter hand cream, shea butter body cream, and their shea butter shampoo/conditioners.
  9. I love the lavender hand cream & lavender shea butter :smile:
  10. The shea butter hand cream is fantastic and I like the perfumes a lot (esp Cherry Blossim). My brother is obsessed with their men's line, especially the shaving cream that comes in a tube. I've used it and it's good stuff :okay:

    I've used the shea butter tinted balm. I liked the concept and the formula, but I didn't like the color I tried (it was like cocoa brown). I just tried a sample of some sort of facial cream. I want to say it had "velour" in the name and it had milk in it. It didn't irritate my skin, but I didn't get fantastic results from it otherwise :shrugs:

    I did not like this shea butter facial moisturizer/highlighter stuff I tried. I don't even think they make it anymore, but I kept getting weird looks whenever I wore it to work. Finally one of my friends told me it made me look very "corpse-like." I didn't understand because it looked fine in normal light, but I realized that in fluorescent lighting it made me look clammy and purple! :shocked:
  11. Another fan of their shea butter line. The 20% shea butter hand cream is fantastic, and the 15% shea butter foot cream is also nice. The travel tubes of hand cream in regular shea butter and lavender are great to keep in your bag. They also have a shea butter body lotion which is a bit lighter that absorbs quickly and moisturizes well. I used to use their pot of honey lip balm, but my four year old has since claimed it as hers.:p

    My also mom loves their room scents, colognes, soaps and tinted lip balms that come in little tin pots. We stock up every November during their F&F sale, which is 20% off and usually around the same time as Sephora's, or when we're near an outlet.
  12. i actually work at a l'occitane boutique. yes, the shea hand cream is the best seller so everyone loves it! for a nice smelling lotion, i would recommend the verbena, which is like a lemongrass citrusy scent. it's good for both men and woman and it's also one of our best selling scents.
  13. i love the smell of the verbena soaps & lotions & i also use the almond shower oil to shave my legs. love that.
  14. I'm still trying to decide whether I like the lavender hand cream. I bought one not long ago and though the smell is DIVINE, it doesn't moisturise as much as I expected it to. Maybe I'll try the shea butter next!