Which little Christmas treat for me?

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Which one do you prefer?

  1. Gold Tournis

  2. Pousse Pousse Simple

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been :drool: at the H bracelets and have decided to treat myself to one for Christmas but can't make up my mind between these two. The first one is the gold tournis (SoCal's pic) and the second one is the pousse pousse simple. My wrists are fairly slender, which one do you prefer??

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  2. I like the pousse pousse... Somehow it pops, esp. on a fair skin ;)
  3. This is a tough call Rose...if you have slender wrists perhaps the first one because it appears more delicate, although the second one makes a stronger statement so it depends on what look you're going for. They're both beautiful.
  4. ^^^Hard Call....They both are GREAT looking...but Orchid said it RIGHT about the look you are going for. I think one is more casual and delicate, while the other stands out, and gives you more of a stronger bracelet (structure)...SORRY< I"M NO HELP:s
  5. My wrists measure just under 6 inches in circum (I always have a problem with bracelet sizes)......
  6. I like the gold tournis - more delicate looking.
  7. I love both! :sweatdrop: I chose the tournis because it looks delicate and love the H.
  8. You ladies are right, I really have to think about the "statement'. I am not really a statement person. I would probably end up wearing it with my watch ( a large gold with brown strap Gucci) which is a bit of a 'statement' watch. So I may be better with the tournis?

    Can the tournis be adjusted?
  9. ^^^Rose, does the tournis come with a GOLD H? I think it would look hot with GOLD? I have a small wrist too, and have problems with Stuctured bracelets, and they bother me if too round? I like the Tournis
  10. the puss-puss is winning.
  11. Yes it does. Have you tried it on?
  12. ^^^:nuts: Is that how you pronounce it....geez...I'm trying to learn some French here....I'm going to be cracking up or turning been red if I have to say that to some MALE SA...."please can I see a PUSS PUSS?":nuts:
  13. I always liked the pousse pousse. It's elegant. It looks good and it's got such a cute name. If you wear the bracelet on you other wrist, that would create a lovely balance.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. No haven't tried it on, but I like that it is more delicate, and think it would look better with GOLD? Sorry no help again, but just giving opinions:heart: