Which little accessory?


Which accessory?

  1. Berry inclusion speedy

  2. White inclusion speedy

  3. Berry inclusion bangle

  4. White inclusion bangle

  5. Framboise cles

  6. Save up a little more and get another purse

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  1. I've saved up a little and dh has already promised me a bag during our vacation so I was thinking maybe of getting an accessory. But the problem is which one? What would you choose if you could only have one. I just got the framboise agenda from dh a little over a week ago.
  2. I said cles because I think they are so functional and framboise will be discontinued at some point.
  3. Cles!:yes:
  4. hmm.. that's tough... I would say the Pastilles Charm (I know not on your list...) or I'd save up for longer and get another bag!
  5. cles, everyone should have at least one cles and framboise is a fun color for an accessory like that!
  6. Another vote for the cles. I think you'll get the most use out of it since it has a function other than being purely decorative.
  7. White inclusion bangle - so pretty!!! good luck on what you decide!
  8. The pastilles is cute but not really my style. Hmmmm, it's a close race between getting a cles and saving up for another bag.