Which lining is real?

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  1. Good morning everyone!!!

    Question for all of you. I'm new to the kooba thing....but loving what I'm seeing....

    Friday at my daughters school I met two moms with kooba marcelles.. (my new favorite bag by the way)...anyway, they both looked really nice to me (what would a newbie know...lol.)

    Okay, my point...they both showed me the inside of their bag, one had a really pretty lavendar like color lining the other a cross between a tan/greenish color. They both felt the same to me. Are they both real?

    I'm a little nervous, b/c from those of you who read my last thread, I'm buying my sister n laws black marcelle from her and it has the lavendar lining. She told me she bought it at Saks in Manhattan a few years ago.

  2. I think they're both real from different seasons. I have definitely seen real Koobas with both the lavender and green linings. I just don't remember about the Marcelle specifically.

    Here are a couple of beautiful bags being sold right now on eBay, which are definitely real. The first is a Marcelle with the lavender lining from '06. The second is a Renee with the green lining from '05.


  3. Brimack, don't fret. The lavender lining was introduced by Kooba in more recent Kooba bags, but the tan/greenish lining was used in older Kooba bags. Both are authentic.
  4. please only post authenticity related questions in the Authenticate This! Koooba thread provided.
Thread Status:
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