Which Linea Pelle??


decisions! decisions!

  1. Dylan Double Pocket Anthracite

  2. Dylan Large Messenger Cherry

  3. Dylan Large Messenger Sun

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  1. HELLO LADIES...!! :yahoo:

    need the A-OK from you guys before getting anything!


    in anthracite?

    • Washed Italian lambskin.
    • Brass hardware detail.
    • Top zip closure.
    • Adjustable shoulder strap for up to 22" drop as cross-body fit.
    • Flat construction.
    • 17" L x 12" H.
    • Double pocket front (pockets measure 6" x 8").


    in cherry or sun?

    • Top zip closure.
    • Exterior: 18" L x 12" H.
    • Pocket: 12" L x 7" H.
    they're both cross body bags, same size, yummy leather:tup:. i'm thinking the sun and cherry would look nice in contrast to my usual winter/fall neutrals... but then again i love dark colours! :girlsigh: decisions decisions!

  2. is the first one in pumpkin an option?? if not then that style in anthracite!
  3. 1st one (I've been eyeing that one too for like 3 months - LOL!).
  4. ^^ me too!!! i've decided that i NEED one now that fall's here and i need to keep my hands in my pockets!!!:p
  5. I vote for the second bag in Cherry, then Sun. It kind of looks like Hayden-Harnett's new Yam.
  6. I like the second one as well in Cherry. Looks like a great fall bag!

    good luck and let us know what you decide!
  7. 1st one. If you get the second, I wouldn't get the cherry color. Maybe it is just my screen at home, but it isn't a very nice tone.
  8. Ooh, I like the second one in cherry! Nice bag!
  9. Hi orinoco. I think I saw that same bag (#2-Dylan messanger) on sale at Saks Off 5th this Sunday for about $200! It's really a sharp bag..that would be my preference.
  10. Oops...I forgot to add that the SA gave me a coupon for 30% off one item beginning October 31st. If you live near a Saks Off 5th, you should check it out.
  11. Oooh, I like the Anthracite one. That gets my vote!

    If orinoco is in Vancouver, BC, then the nearest Off 5th is in Bellevue/Seattle...why don't they put one in Blaine, right across the border :smile: ?!?

  12. oooo!! that's so nice of you bagachondriac!! unfortunately.. i won't be going to seattle for another couple of months at least... :push: and i need the bag asap...with the WONDERFUL VANCOUVER WEATHER... can't take any chances! my filanges are gonna drop off! :p