Which line of LV do you wish they made more designs of?

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  1. I was drooling over pictures of the Josephine GM at vuitton.com and I realized how limited the designs are of the Monogram Mini.

    I wish they'd make more designs of that line... :P

    I'm also so jealous of people who have the graffiti line from a couple of years ago...
  2. ceries!
  3. Vernis!!
  4. Cherry blossom.. oh my heart, be still !
  5. I second this. Or the Vernis Damier.
  6. I wish they still made Monogram Galce.:hysteric: Those bags were sooo pretty and looked delicious enough to eat. :wtf: It reminds me of the Guccisma leather now. I also wish the would have continued the Multicolour collection with the eyes. I thought that was really cute.:heart: But I also think that if LV never discontinues it bags they wouldn't come out with newer models ad there would be no sense of exclusivity for limited edition pieces. But I still miss cerises and Grafitti with all my heart.:crybaby:
  7. I agree!
  8. I wish they made more Cerises and CB! I'm late to loving LV and I missed out on those(getting the Cerises pochette once my package comes back to me--they accidentally sent it to the wrong person).:sad: I also really really really wish they made the BH in Damier and the Zippy wallet in MC. :graucho:
  9. I like damier but there aren't enough shoulder bags that are cute. They're mostly handbags or messengers.
  10. Agreed! And vernis.
  11. Vernis and Multicolore!
  12. I wish for more shoulder bags in damier with zip tops.
  13. some more handheld damier and cherry blossom!
  14. vernis and epi bags that didn't look super structured!
  15. Definitely Epi. I would love to see more colors in that line, too.