which line for a wallet?

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Out of these three lines, which do you like best for a wallet?

  1. pomme

  2. mono

  3. multicolore (white)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. out of these three lines, which do you like best for a wallet? (would go in mostly mono bags)

    thank you!
  2. for daily used wallet, I prefer mono.
  3. Mono hands down can throw in just about any bag and go.
  4. I guess I'm the minority here but I like the white MC :smile: Its oddly durable and looks great in most bags. I'm using my white MC Koala now and love it.
  5. Pomme wallet is a knockout!
  6. Pomme for me too! Adds a little punch of color ;)
  7. depends, but i prefer mono out of those three. the pomme vernis is nice too, though.
  8. I don't like Pomme accessories because of all the visible fingerprints.

    I don't like Regular Mono period because it is to plain and boring, in my opinion.

    Therefore, I voted for the White MC Wallet because it is so colorful and beautiful! :tender:
  9. I prefer Mono...looks classic and for everyday use. :tup:
  10. i am a fan of mc! so mc!!!
  11. I usually like to match my wallet with my bags (if I can) so if it's mostly mono bags, then mono wallet such as the Eugenie would look terrific!

    I also have a Pomme zippy wallet, but I usually use that with my Pomme Brentwood, but it would go well with the mono bags, though.

    Good luck!!
  12. it depends what you want out of a wallet, for classic i would go mono. Pomme is GORGEOUS but i would worry about being more carefull with it in reguards to colour transfer ect. I voted for MC as it has the durability of canvas with a splash of colour! i am planning to get an MC zippy in the next few days because i love the fun and cuteness of the mini MC print on it.
  13. I would say mono b/c it is most durable and classic. I LOVE white MC but I would worry about it getting dirty since I don't switch wallets usually. I like black MC too though so that would be an option too!
  14. I love the Pomme because of the different colors available and it looks so classy...
  15. Mono!