which lindy? 30 or 34? parchemin or etoupe

  1. i have pretty much narrow down the color to these two, but havent decided the size yet coz i never saw a 30. Any suggestion? :smile:

  2. i would say it depends on what you need the bag for and what size of bags do you carry often. if you are a big bag person like myself, i would go for the 34; however, many ladies here rock there 30 and i love how the 30 look on them. when it comes down to color, i am still dying to see the color of parchemin. i must admit i LOVE etoupe though; it's such a perfect neutral which goes with everything! good luck deciding and let us know what you end up getting:tup:
  3. Why, get the one which looks better on you! Colour wise, which colour would match your wardrobe?
  4. I was offered parchment, but declined because it is very light and will show marks quite easily. Here's a picture of my etoupe 30 Lindy. FYI, I am 5'1", and let's not discuss my weight. :rolleyes:I usually like bigger bags (35 Birkin, 37 Bolide) but I guess because of the shape, I liked the 30 in the Lindy. JMO
    P1090239.jpg P1090242.jpg
  5. ^^^ LOVE the etoupe color for Lindy...

    I am all about etoupe this week....lol
  6. I have been trying to narrow a choice for a Lindy as well. I think I will go with the 34 because I like big bags (carry 35 birkins). And etoupe is right up there for me, colourwise. What leather are you considering? Swift? Clemence?
  7. You look fab with your etoupe Lindy!!! Ooooh, I now want one in etoupe!!!
  8. Ling, A 30 in etoupe. ;)
  9. love etuope!!! i thought that color only comes in clemence? but i'd love to get swift.