Which Lindsay? Help me pick!

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  1. Here are the three I am looking at...please help me!



    I love the Teal, but the brown is soooooo nice too! I want both, but that will never happen. I also have never seen the Teal in person so I don't know how to judge the color and if the color looks right or not.
    Thanks ladies!
  2. Teal! It's so beautiful and vibrant in this color!
  3. does that one look true to color irl?
  4. I have teal and I LOVE her. She def ranks as one of my best friends haha
  5. Teal
  6. Do you carry it on your arm or by hand?
  7. On my arm like a lil old lady haha! Everyone compliments her she never goes unnoticed
  8. I vote for teal! I almost bought one at the outlet last year....it was gorgeous!
  9. I have teal, espresso and putty. The teal I wear all the time, the putty still has the tags on and the espresso (which is the only one I paid full price for, has been worn only 4 times). So my vote is TEAL.
  10. I would choose the Brown Lindsay, because I prefer neutral color bags. Based on what you written, I think you like the Teal Lindsay more. For you, I would say get the Teal Lindsay. The Teal Lindsay is a beautiful and vibrant color. All the bags you posted are beautiful. Good luck on winning your auction. :smile:
  11. i have the teal and love it... the color is beautiful and really highlights the hardware... i picked mine up from the outlet for a lot less so you may want to check there first if you have access to one... based purely on color, i really like the look of the brown!
  12. \
    Well I have the brown - LOVE LOVE LOVE -my friend has the Teal - and Now I wish I would have gotten that teal - :yahoo:
  13. I have the Teal, found at the outlet in March. It was less than this auction. I would check your outlet just for the possibility there is one there.

    The Teal is very rich.
  14. Brown...so neutral and goes with so much. This color is gorgeous in the vintage leather. :girlsigh:
  15. I had both a teal and petrol Lindsay, but once I got the teal, I sold the petrol because I knew I would only want to carry the teal one!!! Its striking - one of my all-time favorite bags and colors. I got mine at the outlets too, but it was a while ago - I havent seen any there in a few months.