Which Limited Edition LV do you regret not buying?

  1. - I wish I would have gotten the Cerises accessories, especially the agenda and the cles.

    - The panda pochette when I saw it on eluxury.com

    - Also, when I was in Venice I saw a monogram speedy with a front pocket and hardware (just like the MC speedies) but I didn't buy it because I thought I could find it stateside a little bit cheaper. The lady at my local store said that LV never made anything like this, BUT I know I saw it!! Anyone know what I'm talking about? lol (I saw it in Venice 3-4 years ago)
  2. Mizi Vienna:drool::crybaby:...but I didn't even know about LV then.
  3. panda and cerise....hmmmmm and im not having luck on eBay to find a panda pochette...
  4. graffiti keepall, fuschia perforated speedy and cles and a murakami eye bag! any of them!
  5. I totally wish I had bought the EYE LOVE retro in black mc!!!!
  6. i found a panda, what about this one?
  7. There weren't any mono Speedies that looked like the MC ones, your SA was right. :yes:

    As for me, hands down, the red/creme Cherry Blossom Papillon and Pochette.
  8. Graffiti speedy in silver
  9. I wish I would have gotten the fuschia perfo too! I almost bought it, but decided against it at the last minute :sad:

    Lvbabydoll - are you 100% positive? Did I really hallucinate it?! lol... I am almost sure I saw it in the Venice store, but I havent been able to find it since.. not even pictures of it! :crybaby:
  10. EYE LOVE retro, and patchwork beggars bag...............
  11. Dentelle Kirsten.........then again, ANTHING Dentelle.
  12. The mini heart coin purse. It's so cute. Especially the Vernis one. There's some on eBay but they are so expensive. I didn't even think about purchasing LV like 3 months ago. But now I'm addictive.
  13. Hopefully something similar will come out next V-day. I'm hoping the flat pouch comes out again myself.

    As for LE item, I love the Cherry Blossoms!
  14. any and all of the cherry blossoms and murakami eye love bags:lecture:
  15. Yeah, there have actually been a few topics on here about it! It seems that there are some fakes running around in both the Mono and the Azur that have the same style as the MC Speedies! So I'm sure you saw it, but it was more than likely not authentic.