Which Lilac has the most purple in it?

  1. I know there were three years that Lilac was produced, but which year is the most purple? It is hard to tell with the swatches. Does it vary from bag to bag? If I wanted a purpley lilac, what year should I be on the hunt for? Photos would enhance this thread nicely, if you've got them! :flowers:
  2. i think the 06 lilac is the most purple. the 04 lilac is more mauvey-pinkey-purple. the 03 lilac is greyish lilac.

    when you are looking for an 06 lilac, be sure to request the least grey of their stock, some of the 06 lilacs look awfully dull, but some are nice and pretty and vibrant
  3. ^ I agree!
  4. Me three! :smile:
  5. i think there's a lilac 06 city on sale right now on ebay. by a fellow pf member too! great price!
  6. Tln, I just purchased an '06 Lilac, and to me, seems to take after the ink, where it looks a little different in different types of lighting. Sometimes it tends to look pinkish, and other times it has a bit of a mauve-y tone. Here's a pic in which I think it looks the most purple:
  7. cate22, your lilac city is gorgeous!:love:
  8. I'm going to watch the ebay auction, thanks for the link! Cate, your city is beautimous. Your avatar got me thinking on the lilac, honestly. Thanks all!
  9. Beautiful bag cate22! It's one of the prettiest I've seen thus far of the Lilacs! :smile:
  10. You guys are too kind! :shame:
    Thank you...

    Tln - Good luck with the auction!! :flowers:
  11. tln, good luck with the auction. maybe it will go from one PFer to another! :biggrin:

    cate22, your lilac bag is really one of the best i've seen of the '06 bunch! it is a very true lilac purple!