Which Leopard Print Heels Should I Get?


Which pair of Leopard Print Heels should I get?

  1. Steve Madden Peep Toe Sandal

  2. No brand Leopard Heels

  3. Steven Madden closed Toe Heels

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So I want a pair of leopard print heels. But I am undecided on which leopard color I want. Can you guys help? Thank you!!!
    glamor_leoparda.jpg 9d_1_sbl.JPG B000G6442I.01.LEFT._SS45_SCTHUMBZZZ_V58872749_.jpg
  2. Second pair . Those are cute !
  3. I'd go for the second pair, cute!

    EDIT: Actually I wouldn't mind getting a pair of that, too. Where can I get them online?
  4. The first and third pair are the same shoe. :smile:
  5. Yup, the first and third are the same show, just different colors. One is more cheetah like and one is more leopard. You can order both on Amazon.com. They cost about $100. The one in the middle is $135. I think I'm leaning towards the one on the far right! So cute!!
  6. I like # 3 as well :yes:
  7. Steve Madden number 1
  8. Steven #2!!! definitely #2

  9. I think I like the colour and heel shape of those best, too; as long as you've got a good head for heights! :biggrin:

    But...I prefer the platform on the middle ones. Hard choice! :Push:
  10. I cant tell the difference between 1 and 3. Are they the same pic?

  11. They are the same model heels but one is cheetah color (more orange) while I believe the other is more tonal (beige-y).
  12. i like two best the look cute
  13. I voted for close toe, I bought some and they are super cute, plus during the winter your little toes wont get cold!
  14. I voted for Steve Madden #1- I love the warmer colors!
  15. I live in Florida so I get the benefit of sportin' these babies all year around. :nuts:
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