Which leopard print bag is the best?

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  1. I want to get a leopard print bag, but I don't know which one is good. Should I get a Mulberry leopard Bay bag (if I can find one) or something else? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. ;)
  2. what is your price range?
  3. The budget is under $3,500. I want to get a better quality one.
  4. I would look into Michael Kors and do a search in this subforum kuz someone recently posted a thread about choosing among three or so animal print bags, and it had photos.
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  6. I checked out Fendi too and it is a pretty bag.
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  8. Beware of actual hair-calf bags as apparently they have a tendency to go bald after a short while.

    Mulberry have some great leopard options that are "leopard, Jim, but not as we know it" I have the Metallic Leopard Suede Bayswater, which is really fun.
  9. lanvin happy!
  10. I like the mulberry