which leathers handle rain well? (or not)

  1. Shopmom started an interesting thread about ostrich leather and its ability to handle rain. I have been wondering which leathers repel rain, or at least don't get permanent rain marks. So far, I know my fjord Bolide is fine (caught in a rainstorm this am - no permanent marks - yay!) and of course my courchevel trims are fine, and I understand chevre and vache liegee repels water, and the old gulliver (now swift) gets water marks that dry without a stain. (Does anyone have a gulliver bag that has seen rain who can confirm this?)

    Togo apparently is fine if caught rained on slightly? What else doesn't leave permanent stains (and pain)?

    On the down side, I know box can't handle rain. My favorite leather. :yucky: I own three box H bags and it is an eternal sadness that they can only come out on clear days. What other leather is notorious for staining in the rain?
  2. I would say togo, ostrich, do well. Also, my fjord seems to do well in the rain.

    I have always used the raincoat for my kelly, so I don't know how well evergrain holds up in the rain.
  3. togo does really well in the rain. I'm not familiar with the other leathers but togo is really hardy.
  4. i never get tired of talking about durable leathers. while i appreciate the appeal and elegance of a more refined leather, like box, i am a no-fuss kind of girl. i have to be able to run in my shoes, i have to be able to sit in my skirt/dress, and i have to be able to carry my purse, regardless of weather. my clemence bag takes it all with no problem.
  5. shopmom and others who have vintage bags from 50s with box leather--do they still blister when it is caught in the rain --because i had asked my SA about this and she said it will not happen as it has a patina now and gone through all these years --can anyone confirm this???
  6. Well from personal experience...Togo, Ostrich, Fjord and Chevre great in the rain! the rest...too delicate IMO.
  7. Ava is correct. I wouldn't dare bring my Box babies out in the rain ESPECIALLY the vintage ones. They will blister as well.....
  8. even my barenia, clemence and natural chamonix handle the rain fine, if you wipe them off straight away. The only ones I would freak out about are boxcalf (almost got a blister, once) and vache natural. Oh, and of course, croc, but I don't have the pleasure of owning croc....yet.
  9. Thank you ladies for sharing this. Obviously, this is something I need to be aware of, since I live in a rain forest here in Oregon! Is this something we can put in the reference area?