Which leather would you suggest?

  1. I have a 35 birkin black clemence and 30 bb in clemence with ph, and just love both. I hope to get a chevre 30 someday and another 35...I love the casual look of the clemence in 35 and feel like that leather just fits that bag so well...I don't want too many bags with the same leather though. Which leather would you suggest for the 35? It seems to me that the stiffer more structured leathers wouldn't lend themselves as well to the casual, big 35 size.:shrugs:
    I need some advice again:shame: ...
  2. Box, baby!!!! A 30cm in BOX calf is GORGEOUS! Seriously drool worthy.....
  3. ^^I've never seen box irl but picture that it would look perfect on a sellier kelly--very structured and ladylike...is box a "dressier" leather...if so, I would think it would look better on a 30 cm Birkin that could perhaps go from day to night...
  4. How about a Fjord?
  5. Love my evergrain, but one needs to watch the front corners a bit.

    Have you considered togo or swift?
  6. i like togo. then again i know nothing about the leathers. lol
  7. SoCal's evergrain is TDF! I say this after having had a chance to quickly 'fondle' it :p ......
  8. I agree...evergrain!!!
  9. Togo or Box for sure.
  10. I love my togo too, smells divine, so togo or evergrain for a casual look.
  11. Box!