Which leather would you go for?

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Which line would you go for?

  1. Taurillon

  2. Empreinte

  3. Epi

  4. Vernis

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm thinking about buying something in the Lilac color. But so far, I've see 4 leather lines coming out in the same color: Taurillon, Empreinte, Epi and Vernis.

    Which line would you go for?
  2. I would buy it in taurillon, epi, empreinte and then vernis, in that order.
  3. Taurillon is the best in term of color saturation, as you know lilac is pastel color, and taurillon leather is to die for, the only negative thing is taurillon leather is the heaviest of the four choices. Next I would pick Vernis, lilac color is so pretty in Vernis, saw it IRL, gorgeous for Easter, and it is so light to carry. Negative thing is you have to watch out for color transfer. Epi lilac is third in line, as Epi is durable, have not seen the Epi lilac IRL but I think it will be nice, and lastly Empreinte, simply because I don't like Lilac color shown in Empreint, so pale to almost light blue to me, not pretty lilac as I imagine.
  4. Taurillon
  5. Taurillon...that leather is Divine! :P

  6. I agree. Taurillon is the best leather, but it's so heavy. I'm also worry about the leather will turn yellowish on the vernis. I have not seen any of the lilac colors yet. Hopefully, I'll get more feedback.
  7. I would go for Epi as it is light and Epi holds colour well … I love the new pistache epi good for s/s
  8. Alexis... I was thinking the same... TQ for your poll... Lol
  9. Is the new lilac epi like the old lilac?

    The yellow and pink also looks sweet!!! Are they launched now or April?
  10. I hAve to see it IR first.... but I guess empreinte....😊
  11. Epi :smile:
  12. epi or emp

  13. That's why I'm confused. Because all these leather has some good quality over another. :P

  14. I haven't check when the epi line will be launching new colors. But from the pics I've seen, the old Lilac has a greyish tone and the new Lilac has more blueish tone. I still have a bag in the old Lilac epi. Wish I had time to go down to the LV store to check them out.

    CB are you getting anything in the Spring colors?
  15. Alexis, here are some pics for you to see: Alma Vernis in Lilac