which leather takes the color "GOLD" better?

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  1. I have a long lust for a gold Birkin. Now my friend is willing to give out her used one in swift leather with PHW, and the best part, with a reasonable price. Should I forget about my dream togo+GHW combo and take this one instead?
    I am worried if swift takes the gold color differently than togo does and does the hardware color make a huge difference?
    I really adore the natural barenia color and wonder if gold on swift resembles it?
    Thank you:salute:
  2. That's actually my perfect bag (if I can't find barenia which is what I'm truly holding out for). I would snatch it up or if you don't want it, send it my way. I'm happy to take it off her hands :smile:
  3. fjord ghw it looks perfect almost mielle/caramel i love it !!!!
  4. Totally agree with Birkel! I love Gold in Fjord!
  5. I think Togo, Fjord, and Clemence all look beautiful in gold but I haven't seen it in Swift. If you love your friend's bag go for it!
    I also personally love gold leather with PHW - that's what my Clemence B is and while I hate what the corners do (thanks Clemence), it's a BEAUTIFUL combination otherwise.
  6. If your stomach churned when you saw the swift with phw, grab her. BUT if you are settling, only because price is good, wait.
  7. I have a gold b in togo with PHW. I love the white contrast stitching, so for me, PHW suits me better than GHW. Both hardwares are gorgeous, just depends on which you like the best.
  8. gold in swift is divine...rich and creamy dark caramel...i love swift and how colours look on swift. just more vibrant and rich and luxe compared to the grained leathers.
  9. I have gold togo/gold hw. I wish I had gone with clemence.
  10. With all of this talk about caramel, I'm either gonna eat my Birkin, or go buy some candy! :drool:
  11. :lol::lol::lol:
  12. I opted to go buy some caramels! :P
  13. I think the leather part of your question is only one part... Soooo Swift is gorgeous! But do you want to worry about scratches/blemishes? No worries with Togo.

    The hw portion is another part. IMO ghw is the best. But this is all personal preference. My dream birkin was my first birkin, gold Togo ghw. I would Never settle. Ghw SINGS to me. Does phw sing to you? You will be staring, smelling, cuddling, wearing, loving this bag of yours for years... Get what you LOVE.... Not just a good deal.
  14. Sharing? :P