Which leather/ skin is the lightest to carry ?

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  1. Dear H Experts,

    May some of you enlighten me which leather or skins of birkins are the lightest to carry around as an everyday bag in terms of Togo / Clemence / Fjord / Epsom / Ostrich / Croc / Lizard and maybe others, if I've missed them out ? Your answers much appreciated:smile:
  2. epsom and vache liagee leather ostrich and lizard for exotic
  3. From my experience, ostrich, croc, box, vache liegee & lizard. I have a togo bag and it is noticeably heavier than my above bags.
  4. epsom, i believe. and lizard.
  5. ok, I know you guys are all going to think I am REALLY weird, but I actually WEIGHED a few of the same bags in diff leathers sometime last year! Yes, I am completely nutso. :nuts::nuts:

    A few of my girlfriends were over, and it was the first time, we were all carrying our 30cm birkins at the same time!! We decided to NOT go out to dinner and just eat in BECAUSE we thought we looked a little freakish!!! So, the results were: Epsom the lightest for sure. After that, it's Vache Ligee, then Box. From there, it's quite a distance to Togo, then the bowling ball of them all...clemence. I have yet to do my little test on the exotics....but I have an ostrich and it feels in between the Vach Ligee and box. We literally put each on on the scale...this all happened because one of them was complaining that her clemence was SO much heavier than her togo...and the togo owner was debating her. I know...I can't believe I am even telling you this! I wish I had kept the paper where we wrote down the weights!! :shrugs: My DH walked in on the whole thing....he just left the house without saying anything!!
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  6. I was just reading a thread and someone had a post with each bag and its weight and it looked like the box was the lightest of them all and the heaviest was the clemence
  7. Epsom....... I LOVE that leather. :love:

  8. Very scientific! :tup: WTG :P I think it's great info to have, and now scientifically proven. :yes:
  9. You guys are amazing!! :tup::tup: Was thinking of this issue today as I need to switch shoulder bags. The one I've been carrying the last few weeks is a little on the heavy side. Started wondering weight of different H leathers and here it is although I am a little disappinted to know Clemence is the heaviest. It is by far my favorite option. :sad:
  10. I'm wondering where swift might come in on the weight scale. Does anyone know? My swift Kelly feels lighter than my box one; maybe because it is lined in swift and not chevre. Unfortunately, I don't have a good scale or I would weigh them and provide the answer myself.
  11. My chevre Birkin is as light as a feather. Okay, that's an exaggeration :shame: but compared to my clemence, it's so easy to lug around.
  12. Epsom is definitely very lightweight- texture isn't my favorite though :Push:
  13. Thanks for all your valuable inputs ladies !

    I thought Epsom is the lightest too, but it's not my favorite leather either...
    Would prefer Togo . Am considering Fjord leather but are tehre any difference between Fjord & Togo ? Look almost the same to me, from photos that is..
  14. I have a 32 gold kelly in VL. I know everybody says that VL is light, but it does not feel much lighter than my 35 fjord or clemence birkin. Am I the only one feels this way?