Which leather more expensive? Togo, clemence, box, VL or Swift?

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  1. Just wondering,

    Which one to you thing more expensive that the other?
    I was offered a birkin in swift etoupe colour size 30 PH for USD $8500. Good price or not? Should I passed it or take it? How much is birkin swift size 35?

    I always thought swift is more expensive that togo and clemence. Is swift scratch resistant as well? I supposed lighter that togo and clemence.

  2. VL would be the most expensive of the bunch.
  3. I just purchased a swift turqouise 30 from the boutique. It was $7050.00 (before tax). I don't know about scratching, as I've only had it a couple of weeks. I am more careful with it than with togo or clemance...but, it may have something to do with the color. I don't own any other 30's...but it is quite a bit lighter than the 35's...
  4. I think the order would be:

    VL, Box, Swift, Togo/Clemence........I THINK! Maybe Swift comes after Togo/Clemence. The only thing I'm absolutely sure of is that VL is the most expensive.
  5. A 30 box right now is $7050 as was last told to me after the price increase.
  6. I saw a 30 in Evergrain for $7050 as well.

  7. same here--swift 30 was 7050, togo etc is 7000
  8. Thank you all for the price input. I think I will just pass this one because after reading about swift leather, it looks like the leather isn't really easy to take care like clemence or epsom and it isn't really scratch resistant. I think I will stay with my original choice of clemence, togo or epsom in size 35 :smile:

    Keep Lookin ...

  9. i have 2 swift birkins--love love love the look............but easily scratched wont buy more of it.
  10. IMO I think Swift is very easy to get scratches compare to others like togo, clemence or epsom etc. However, Swift Birkin is absolutely beautiful! Difficult choice. Sorry, not much help here!
  11. Swift, togo, and clemence are all the same price. I know VL is more expensive. Don't know about box.
  12. I know ... when i first look at the swift birkin .. it was really stunning!!
  13. I think Box is more expensive than Togo/Clemence.
  14. What? I bought my 30 swift black birkin @ US$7050 in March.:wtf:
  15. Epsom is not a good choice for big H-bags, IMO.