Which leather jacket?

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Which leather jacket to buy?

  1. SWORD

  2. Ben'MBarek

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2010
    I ordered the 1st one from shopbop.com haven't received it yet.
    But I found another one from shopdiavolina.com which I like too.
    here is the link to 2nd https://www.shopdiavolina.com/shop/SHADIA.html?optionid=4194
    of a pic when the jacket is unzipped.
    I like mine to be fitted. I'm 5'4 ~106lbs.
    Which one do you guys like better? More chic? :biggrin:

    They are both similar price wise.


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  2. Definitely SWORD. The other one looks like a knock off Rick Owens biker jacket. x
  3. ^^i tend to agree.
  4. TOTALLY the second one. I LOATHE the cheap looking silver hardware on the first (sorry!)
    Whereas the second looks like great quality leather, great lines, minimal hardware and fuss. A really simple and clean cut jacket IMHO :biggrin:
  5. The Sword jacket looks like much higher quality. The second looks rather plastic-ish in the photos to me, and it does look like a knock -off of the Rick Owens design.
  6. Definitely the Sword Novarra. I have this jacket and the leather is unbelievably soft, just like buttah!
  7. I agree the first one it's true that the second looks very RO inspired
  8. Just received the #2 today. The leather quality is actually pretty good and made in Italy. Still waiting for #1 which is supposed to arrive tomorrow-will post pics!
  9. So received #1 and ended up not liking it. Just not me? I like #2 on me but now having a dilemma. How tight do you guys wear leather jackets? When it's unzipped it's comfy but my mom thinks it's too tight when it's zipped up? Even though I'm planning to just wear a light layer underneath.
    I guess I could order a larger size and exchange whichever doesn't fit-but they're return policy is to return it w/in10days after receiving? (Shopdiavolina.com)

  10. ^^how tight? if the shoulder fits, i would keep it. and what did you wear underneath the jacket? a thick sweater or a thin cashmere-ish sweater?
    would love to see some pix.:graucho:
    the one i got...it didn't get softened up until this season, i bought it last march.
  11. if it's tight to the point where you can't move your arms comfortably or look like a stuffed sausage when it's zipped up, then you might want to size up. however, if it's only slightly, you should keep it because leather will stretch and you don't want it to be too big to begin with.
  12. Leather jackets should be a close fit for sure but I agree with randr2, if you can't move comfortably than I would send it back for a bigger size.