Which leather is used

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  1. Which leather is used to line Barenia and Toile bags? Do they keep their shape? I'm thinking of a Barenia and Toile Kelly or Bolide in a 31. TIA
  2. Chevre (goat skin) is the typical lining...In general, the smaller the bag the better it will hold it's shape.... but Toile bags do tend to slouch...not stretch...but Barenia can stretch and flop over time so you odds of having a less that stiff bag in a few years is quite high. What bag and size are you think of? Perhaps some of the lovely ladies with these bags can chime in and help you...
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    Thanks for your reply docride, I'm thinking a 31 so it won't be too big. I saw a Bolide a few weeks ago in this combo, I didnt buy it at the time as I wasn't sure. It was the lining that threw me as it was a very smooth leather not like the linings of my Birkins. BTW, it was in a H store, so I have no concerns about authenticity. I think it was a K or L stamp, incase this makes any difference
  4. Bolides are often lined with agneau (lambskin).
  5. Thanks Pepper, everyone here is so knowledgeable and sharing - it's great!
  6. Barenia is wonderful yet I would have to say that you have to be open to. A little scratching , but nothing ages like it because I baby my bags I did not go for it but found the leather that had the closest color to it gold fjord !!!!!! But as much as I love it it's never barenia !!!!!
  7. I have a barenia and toile 30 Birkin, but it was new this summer, so I don't know yet how it will age. I do know that it's
    like a magnet for scratches and stains. My togo and clemence bags have been used much more, and haven't a spot or a
    scratch on them...I was carrying the barenia a few weeks ago when a tiny drop of water - probably a drip from an air
    conditioner - landed right on it. :shucks:

    In answer to your question, the lining is chevre.:smile:
  8. Ms Birkin, if I may vote, I pick a Barenia Toile Bolide 31. This never fails to be an impressive and stunner. Barenia Toile Kellys are beautiful too but for a once, it's nice for a change if you own a couple of Kellys.
  9. Thank you everyone for your comments, I'm going to phone the store and see if they still have this bag and if they will ship it to me. fingers crossed.......