Which leather is the softest?

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  1. Which leather is the softest most slouchy (is that the right word)? How about the most sloucy in the exotics?
  2. Clemence is very soft and can be slouchy over time. Not quite sure about the exotics. For a Croc in a Kelly, a matte Croc Kelly Retourne will probably be a bit more pliable than one that is Sellier.
  3. Clemence is a lovely soft leather, but then I felt my chevre mysore karo clutch and that is even softer! Maybe the softest is lambskin?
  4. Clemence and Swift.
  5. The Chevre Mysore Karo clutch is very squishy; I love that! But I believe it's only a minimal number in terms of layers of leather. In a Birkin, Chevre Mysore is definitely sturdier and not so squishy as Clemence.
  6. My vote is for clemence for the regular leathers. My poor old JPG is positively flopping over all the time, and I've only had it a year. And it's not used very much either.
  7. I'd say Agneau (lambskin) but they don't use it for the large bags. Evergrain and Evercalf are also very soft.
  8. ^^Good point, orchids! I forgot about Swift!
  9. Evergrain is a lovely leather as well...silky to the touch. Clemence is wonderful--it's very squishy and almost moldable.
  10. wong, it's flopped over because of its sheer width. At 42cm, it's really something. That' why I always hang mine up.
  11. ^^That's a good idea mrssparkles! What do you hang it on?
  12. Over a clothes hanger! For a lack of better alternative, and I am not crazy enough to get a dedicated pedestal for it. LOL:roflmfao:
  13. 1/ barénia
    2/ swift
    3/ Veau rodéo
  14. For me, the softest Hermes leathers are-
    gulliver, swift and evercalf (love 'em all!)
  15. Thank you ladies. Just trying to make plans for my wish list.
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