which leather is the most low maintenance?

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  1. I've done my best to search the forums for the answer to this, but I haven't had any luck. A question for all of you lovely experienced RM owners - it seems that each color of leather is a slightly different kind. I'm wondering what is the easiest to care for. I've been a big mat&nat fan for a long time and haven't carried much else. I'm only really just (with a lot of guilt) starting to look at leather bags. I'm really not all that precious about my bags, and they do tend to get tossed around a bit, and worn in the rain, and all of that - so I'm wondering, what would be the best RM leather for me to start with? I love the bags, but am afraid of ruining them!! And also - does anyone happen to know what the turquoise leather is like? Thanks so much!
  2. Any of the Haze leathers, in my opinion, are the most durable. To make it even more durable, you could spray it with some water protectant, like Apple conditioner, Apple spray, or Lovin' My Bags pro-treatment.

    Someone else will chime in about Turquoise.
  3. I don't think turquoise would be low maintenance, but as an alternative aqua might be. It's a glazed leather, so it might suit you better than turquoise (which isn't). Aqua is quite close in color to turq.
  4. i agree that the haze leathers are probably the most durable.

    i think noir is pretty low maintenance too... and probably some of the other blacks as well, like the glazed black.
  5. Usually the glazed leathers are more durable. The hazes are the best! Though they can be stiff, they weather carrying very well. My purple haze and black haze bags are the only ones I risked carrying out in the rain.
  6. I agree with the rest. Haze leathers are the most durable, but you have to love the look of haze leathers. Next are all the glazed leathers.
  7. Definitely the Haze leathers. I toss my Purple Haze Morning After Mini Mini around like no other.

    My Sky Blue MAMM is pretty weather resistant as well.
  8. Patent!!!

    Water rolls off it and my Charcoal Patent is quite scratch-proof.

    RM needs to make more patent bags!
  9. my purple haze bag is very durable and it is my bag when it may be raining a bit etc....the only issue with the haze is that they are very stiff in the beginning,,,,but,,,,after a few weeks of use they do get softer...mine is actually puddling now a bit....and I have to say my black MAB which i bought spring 09 is very durable and is my workhorse bag ....and I have worn my black MAB in the rain with no lasting effects (not intentionally of course..lol)...good luck deciding!!! welcome to RM!!!
  10. I swan dived into a giant slush puddle a while back and my poor purple haze MAM took the brunt of my fall. Couldn't even tell afterward that the entire bag had been dunked in water. I'd also think that any glazed leather would also be durable. Stay away from certain lambskin bags, like peacock. You look at that bag wrong and it gets a water stain on it.
  11. I would say Patent, Haze...then Glaze. :yes:
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