Which leather is slouchy?

  1. Hi ladies, I am looking to buy my first Hermes and I have decided on either a 30 or 35 cm Birkin. I love the slouchy, casual look and was wondering which kinds of leather would look less rigid? I have absolutely no experience with Hermes leather, so would appreciate any information.

    Btw, is Swift leather slouchy?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Swift is a bit slouchy.... if you like real slouchy you should go for clemence.
  3. Swift and clemence would be your best bet, and readily available, at the moment!
  4. Swift is smooth, clemence is textured. Both are scrumptious.
  5. Swift if you like smooth and light weight. Taurillon clemence if you like a little bit of texture, thickness and weight. Both are wonderful to the touch especially clemence which has a buttery feel to it. I recently got a 35cm clemence and very much like its relaxed and casual personality.
  6. From what I've seen, swift is definitely the slouchiest leather, and will get much more slouchy in a 35 than a 30. Agree that next slouchiest is clemence.
  7. Yep, I agree!^^ Swift seems to be slouchier than clemence. LOVE the feel of clemence and for me, it has just the right amount of slouch!:tup:
  8. From my experience, swift is only slouchier in 35cm. My 30cm swift is not slouchy at all (I have 2). I have a friend who has a 30cm togo and it was slouchier than my swift.
  9. Thanks for the insight everyone. Much appreciated! :flowers:

    Btw, I take it that togo is not that slouchy?
  10. Togo is probably right after clemence although my togo and clemence are about the same slouchyness...
  11. In a 35, Swift is considerably slouchier than Clemence. I'm a huge fan of the slouchy casual look in 35 Birkins, but Swift is much more so IMO in this size. (In 30's it doesn't seem to have that quality nearly as much.)

    I think you'd be fine with either one - if you like a smoother texture and a great deal of slouch, you'll probably like Swift and if you prefer a textured leather and medium slouch, you'll appreciate Clemence.
  12. swift is very good for nice casual slouchy look. if you want a grainy look but still soft togo or clemence are both good for that. good luck.
  13. Granted I don't have a Swift Birkin but do have a 32cm Swift Kelly and no slouch whatsoever. My 37cm Clemence Bolide is very slouchy.
  14. ^^I think the construction and style of the bag makes a big difference as to how much slouching occurs. I don't tend to see Kellys slouch much, even in the retourne construction except of course if it's a mou Kelly which then ends up folding back on itself (even in togo), oh that and the construction of the Kelly Flat, of course, which is meant to fold.