Which leather is my bag please?

  1. I have the belted plum ergo... and I didnt realize that there were different types of leather Coach uses... well, i mean that i really didnt think about it...

    Can someone please advise what leather my plum ergo is please? Thank you!

  2. I THINK these are burnished leathers, which are the same exact leathers as the bleecker! That is why it is safe to use these in all kinds of weather...they will not spot from rain/snow!!!! These are GORGEOUS leathers!!!! Have you seen them in the sun yet?? HTH!!!!
  3. Yes!! Mommyville to the rescue!! Your awsome!:tup:
  4. I just got my *baby* last week, and its been pretty gloomy around here lately... Thanks for letting me know that a little water wont hurt it! I remember reading a post on someone spilling a water bottle in thier ergo last week and i was hoping mine would be as durable...