Which leather is better: veiny or smooth?

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  1. One of my bags looks very veiny and not as smooshy and another is almost perfectly even and more smooshy. Which one is better? Is there a certain standard or it's just up to each person's preference?
  2. I think its personal preference, and over time your bag will become smooshier...

    I treat my bags which definately helps add some body and softness!
  3. How about looks? I don't know which one I like... the veiny one makes me think of all the imperfections yet it gives character... but I like how smooth the non-veiny bag is..
  4. I prefer smooshy with some veins. No veins and they look like pleather to me. Some of the spring '06 bags were really thin and veiny, the leather was very dry, almost crackly. You can moisturize those bags really well and it will plump them up, smooth out the veins and make the bag look much nicer. It seems to me a lot of the grayish veins on those bags is due to dryness because they really soak up the moisturizer. I've tried a little moisturizer on the bottom of some of my bags that didn't really need it, and it doesn't soak it up.
    You can tell if they're really dry because it soaks in immediately and they look much better afterwards. This is my opinion and others will have different preferences and solutions. :smile:
  5. I agree with Powder! I like some veins because they look more distressed and the smooth to me looks a little plain.
  6. The first b-bag I ever chose was veiny and thin...

    Because I had'nt seen a Bal Bag IRL I just liked the look of the veins.

    When it arrived it was paper thin. They told me the leather was 'veiny and thin' I didnt realize just HOW thin it was!

    Looks wise, I now prefer soft, matte leather with some veining - which is what my Twiggy is now after treatment.

    I personally go for a bag based on colour, not leather. After what I did to my Twiggy, I know that any leather on a b-bag can become soft and mushy, either with treating it, or letting it age natually...
  7. I like them veiny or smooth depending on the bag/ color, etc. A couple of mine are veiny and on the thinner side, and a couple of em are really thick, smooth, w/o much veining! I love them either way! :love:
  8. I like average veins and average smoothness. If there aren't any veins, it looks a little plain to me, and if there are too many, it's distracting. Like Powder, I think if the leather is too smooth, it looks a little fake.

    But there's one thing I really don't like, and that's wrinklely leather...really wrinklely.
  9. i like the smooshy a lot, and soft, i've caught myself petting mine a few times...
  10. i have one that's almost veinless (bubblegum), one that's completely veiny (emerald) and one that's in the middle (rouille) and i don't really know which i like best; i'm trying to really really break in my emerald so it stretches out, but i'm thinking i'm going to moisturize it with lubriderm first, to see what i get... :heart:
  11. I like veins but the leather has to be thick and smooshy. Dry leather is so yucky. I think I got lucky with my camel first.. the leather is really thick, with really good distressed parts to give it character, and it has that "huggable-ness". <- is that even a real word?
  12. i like most different kinds/seasons of balenciaga leather, except for the super crunchy, papery thin kind.
    my favorite leather is the thick, fluffy, pillow-y, chewy (LOL) kind with some distressing... my rouge vif city and ink work are like that. and ink is from spring 06, which supposedly had the worst leather... just goes to show that it's possible to find awesome leather on newer bags, too! :smile:
    i also like the silky soft kind on the 02-03 bags, too. not as fluffy and cushiony and chewy, but just feels so soft and buttery to the touch.
  13. I prefer smooth by far. That said, I can't imagine my blueberry with smooth leather. I guess it just depends on the color and the individual, but there really is no "better". It just depends on what ya like.
  14. it's a matter of personal preference. i prefer thick, smooshy, evenly distressed leather. :yes:

    i'm not a big fan of smooth leather, and most especially severely veiny leather where the color is somewhat lost and all you see are patchy white webs. :yucky:

    a small area of very veiny leather...see the white web-like patches?

  15. I prefer smooth leather ~