Which leather has the darkest black pigment?

  1. O.K., I am making an official wish list for myself and I was wondering which of the leathers in the Birkin would have the darkest pigment in the color black. I want the darkest hue. Anybody have any information????
  2. IMO, box.
  3. Really?, wow, I though because it was shiny it would not be as dark. I want the darkest....hmmm, thanks HG!:heart:
  4. I would second Box
  5. I think box too:flowers:
  6. Wow, I guess I want a black box 30 cm Birkin then! Thanks!!!! I will look at that black box Hac in member's items again.... rushing to find the page...:weird: :winkiss:
  7. I reeally like Kats Kelly in Black Clemence, ruthenium HW. I think I want the Birkin to be matte, like her kelly. I am confused....goodnight ladies! thank-you!:heart:
  8. Star, if your looking for a Kelly/Birkin that holds it's shape Clemence is not the way to go. It will lose it's shape after a while. Box is the best. I know you like the best and Box is it for you. Altough it is a tad shiny it will develope a patina that clemence can't.

    Anyone has a picture for Star to see in aged clemence? With no stuffing,.. letter-go!

    I will post a picture of my Bolide so you can see what I mean, look how it slouches. It will slouch more as time goes by.
  9. What about Togo? It has a slouch too but maybe not as bad as Clemence? And doesn't Togo take color really well?

    Actually, I also think Box is the way to go if you want structure and deep color. Chic, Sophisticated and Sexy.....love it!
  10. Togo will also slouch like clemence
  11. Star, what about Fjord?? It really takes color well and always keeps it's shape!

    see below, my Fjord looks the same as the first day I purchased her. It's my favorite bag!! :love:

    I also attached a picture of my beloved mothers togo Birkin so you can see the difference in slouchiness.
  12. One more good thing about Fjord. It's good in the rain!!! But I still use my rain jacket. Although when water hits it, it soaks it up with no problem!
  13. what exactly happens to clemence Birkins in the rain anyway? If water should hit it- then what? :confused1:
  14. The more textured the leather, the less black (relatively speaking) it will appear due to how light bounces off an uneven surface differently rhan a smooth surface.

    So, box it is.
  15. Very well said.