Which leather for Kelly

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  1. I am looking to purchase a kelly but not sure what leather is best. I do not want a relaxed bag so I am thinking Epson. I am not a fan of box . Am I missing something I should be thinking about.
  2. Sellier or retourné?
  3. Either one. My thinking is that with a Sellier epsom would look the best and with Retourne either clemance or togo. It will be my first kelly , 28 or 32. am i over thinking this?
  4. Of course you are! That's what the forum is here for. But I'd suggest looking through the Kelly threads and the leather threads so you have a clearer idea of what you want - a sellier Epsom 28 and a retourné Togo 32 for instance are very different. If you want absolutely no slouch in your bag at all, I would say stay with a K28 or Epsom sellier in any size, and nothing in Clemence.
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  5. If you do not want a relaxed look, then I would say a sellier would be better.
  6. Thank you both for your imput. I agree that if i do a Sellier that it should be epsom. I appreciate the help.....
  7. I would recommend Epsom
  8. But I heard Epsom can't hold longer like over 10-15 years, is there have any threads have Kelly Epsom leather over 10-15 years and still looks good condition or good shape BTW??? I'm still learning too :smile:
  9. Yes, there are threads on how Epsom ages.
  10. Sellier is more structured and retourne, more relaxed. Suggest sellier..