Which leather conditioner???

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  1. After reading about another forum member's horror story with leather cleaner/conditioner, it brought to mind that I need to buy a reputable (emphasis on reputable) leather conditioner/cleaner for my MJs. Believe it or not, I do not own conditioner and have never used it on my bags. I really need to. Which is the best? Is Apple better than a brand I can buy at Target or a local leather store?
  2. I use Apple and I love it. But I know some other MJ girls have used Cadillac which is available at Nordstrom.
  3. Roro, go with Apple or Kiwi. Both brands are trusted here:tup:. You can find Kiwi at Target and I order Apple online. I also found the luvinmybags.com site very informative. They talk a lot about PH and the importance of all natural products.:flowers:
    Don't be nervous;)
  4. Spacey - Kiwi as in the shoe polish Kiwi? Btw, I used the shoe polish in the corners of my Carter Jr. and it is amazing!

    Sorry to hijack your thread roro.
  5. just dont use reallyyyy old leather conditioner. lol. i think that was the only problem.
  6. i :heart: apple!
  7. OMG....I am sorry that your misfortune reminded me that I need to condition my bags. I really have been thinking about it. With all the bags I own and the $$$ that are spent, I really need to take better care of them. I am going to order some Apple and I will also check out the Cadillac at Nordstrom. It will give me an excuse to go there tomorrow!
  8. by the way, reeeal sensitive of you to make this thread. i feel so much better about my "horror story". :crybaby:
  9. Roro--check online for coupon codes for apple. You can almost always get 20% off.
  10. I really am sorry! The thought of your new bag being damaged right after you bought it is awful. I still think that you may be able to have it repaired at a reputable leather repair or shoe repair. Reputable is the key word and one that is familiar with working on nice handbags. Also, Nordstrom usually has a local repair shop that they work with. If you have one by you, you may be able to have them send it out for you.
  11. Actually, I believe the leather used in upholstery is generally different than the leather used to make the MbMJ bags. I think as long as you use gentile products made specifically for fine leather garments(bags, shoes, coats) you should be ok.
  12. I know! Its like magic!
    And yes, Kiwi makes some other products apart from the polish. I don't think every store carries them though.
  13. i learned my lesson, but on my 1st ever mbmj bag. :sad:
  14. It seems like most people use Apple products, but I'm a hands-down Cadillac fan. I've used it on everything - light MbMJs, dark MbMJs, light MJs, dark MJs, and my sensitive Carter Jr. and BB Bag. It works perfectly, and though it sometimes takes some color, it's only a tiny bit and it's not like it's noticeable on the bag. :P
  15. I think most MJ'ers swear by Apple. I should get some too and condition, especially during hte cold harsh winter times...