Which leather color do you think looks better on the Brittany bag?

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    IMG_2078.JPG IMG_2072.JPG

    I want to buy the Brittany but I’m undecided between the Magnolia or the Bordeaux color. Noir is not an option because I already have the Monogram Pallas BB with Noir color.
    Would you please let me know which color you think looks better on the Damier Ebene Brittany bag? Thanks
  2. Both are beautiful but I like the Bordeaux a little more.
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  3. I think the light pink is a better spring/summer color while the Bordeaux is more fall/winter. That might just be an issue of preference- I have the artsy aurore and I love to use it in the fall. Gorgeous bag either way!
  4. Bordeaux! I think it looks better with the Damier Ebene print. The pink is nice too, but the bordeaux is more harmonious with the dark of the DE print.
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  5. Thank you.
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  6. Pink. This bag is so well made. I remember playing with this bag in store and thinking how lovely it is. But at the time had the speedy b 25 stuck in my head so didnt get it.
  7. I think pink with the damier ebene print is absolutely beautiful. To me, it’s a winning combination. :smile:

    Good luck in your decision. They are both lovely.
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  8. I vote pink as well!:smile:
  9. Love the pink
  10. This is my thought as well. I was going to vote pink but realized I think the season is affecting my vote! Both are beautiful. Good luck deciding!
  11. I bought mine in Bordeaux after the same debate with myself. No regrets.
  12. One more vote for pink (what’s wrong with me these days?)
  13. Pink! You already have the Pallas in Noir, which works so well in Fall/Winter, so go with the color that works for Spring/Summer. Plus, I think pink looks so nice with DE and softens it.
  14. Bordeaux! I love this bag. Kicking myself for not getting the brighter red when it was available.
  15. I like the pink. It adds a sweet ‘pop of colour’ against the DE.
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