Which le boy , chevron light gold hardware or quilted RHE

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Which one to keep

  1. Chevron

    25 vote(s)
  2. Quilted

    18 vote(s)
  1. Simple question, which one to keep. I just simply feel both look good and probably even lean to chevron one. But I planned to get rid of chevron. So debating again....

    Sorry the background of the pictures is little messy

    2FE926AC-7B32-4C1F-83B4-05606096C856.jpeg F4196D13-30F9-4B1E-84D2-3C20987FB0F6.jpeg 8CFD7782-6A4D-432F-B290-CE4FA146246F.jpeg AF7BADE3-709C-44AC-B72B-F2DE261C49DD.jpeg 42C56D6C-2B2F-4322-BECD-C9C815EB30FB.jpeg 0156E1C1-333A-4214-97BD-4C38CE4E908C.jpeg

    C2DFFD9D-13AF-49D8-A76C-FBBA87491A6B.jpeg B668E47E-E99B-4447-BD1F-515BE93AC9A4.jpeg
  2. In this picture the quilted boy looks good on you and what you are wearing with! The chevron boy with the gold looks to bold together with your yellow top. I'll keep the quilted boy it looks rugged and stylish on you!
  3. Both are gorgeous & look great on you. I am a diehard chevron lover but in this case i actually prefer the quilt version, mainly because I tend to favor ruthenium hardware on Boy bags. Good luck deciding!!:flowers:
  4. I prefer the quilted one ... it seems more versatile
  5. I prefer the chevron, but I personally have been looking for a chevron bag! What do you already in your collection, which one adds something you don’t to your closet!
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  6. The poll result is 50/50 :biggrin: I asked my husband which one is better , he said both are ugly :angel: I decided to ignore him. I also asked my six year old son, he said he likes chevron one because there is gold , hahaha
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  7. I love the gold hardware, so voted chevron just because of the hardware.
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  8. Both are stunning, but my vote goes for the quilted!
  9. I vote quilted!
  10. I'm a huge Chevron lover, especially in boy bags. BUT, in this case Im really liking the Quilted, probably because I prefer Ruthenium & SHW over gold :smile:
  11. Hahah husbands!
    I prefer quilts on boy bags so that's where my vote went.
  12. Bumping this thread up again for your inputs! I’m having the same dilemma right now. Is the shiny gold hardware too much? Does anyone have any light gold boy bags? Is it too much in person? The chain is so much more in your face than on a classic. I can’t decide which one to get.
  13. I have the shiny gold/chevron lamb. It’s definitely a statement but I love it! When my SA put it next to the aged gold it was no contest for me.

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  14. I know! I can't decide! I was set on the ruthenium quilted one but my SA sent me a photo of a light gold chevron and it's just so much more eye catching it's hard not to gravitate towards it. I'm just wondering if it's too much for casual daytime wear. It's a beautiful bag regardless.
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  15. Chevron Boy :tup:
    Hoping to find one in aged gold h/w!