((((( Which LE bag should I get? )))))


Which LE bag should I get?

  1. Red/Cream Cherry Blossom Retro

  2. Gold Miroir Lockit

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  1. Hey everyone .... ;)

    I'm in a decision dilemma.

    I have a choice of getting the Cream/Red Cherry Blossom Retro OR the Gold Miroir Lockit.

    Unfortunately, I can only get one ..... but which one??

    Please be so kind and vote on which one you think is more desirable.

    I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much in advanced to everyone that votes!! :love:



    ** All photos taken from the following reference thread:
    Limited Edition / Runway Bags by Season **
  2. I have no idea which one is more desirable, but I like the Retro much better!
  3. Without a doubt the miroir lockit. It will go with everything, just a wow bag
  4. cherry blossom, the material on the miroir bubbles and cracks after a few uses...
  5. um tough call but I'd go for retro the red creme is so cute and the hardest to find
  6. I prefer the CB Retro ... I've always wanted one of those, but missed out! Both are a beautiful bags ... it just depends which you think you'd use more!
  7. I like them both but I voted for the red cherry blossom retro...good luck!
    Regards Patty
  8. both are beautiful but i'd go for the CB Retro if i were you. besides, it's quite rare compared to the miroir lockit.
  9. CB, it's lovely & sadly the Miroir pieces don't seem to age as well. I prefer the look of miroir but if you plan to use it at all I would choose the CB.
  10. CB Retro all the way.... It's on my wishlist, too! :love:
  11. I like Murakami's work so I say CB.
  12. I love the Cherry Blossom Retro. Please get that and model some pics for me!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  13. the retro...the miroir bags just seem to scream "pay attention to me" a bit too much
  14. CB Retro!

    Absolutely HOT!

    I've never been a fan of the miroir line
  15. CB Retro hands down!!! The bag is d/c'd, GORGEOUS, and the red/creme version is SUPER rare.