Which Las Vegas LV store has the largest collection?

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  1. Hi all, My dad is flying to Las Vegas and he promies me a LV as a present. but he doestn have much time there, so i need to find out which the biggest store is there to make sure they will have what i want ... Well you guys can say i can give them a call... But im from Vietnam... So, i think i better do a quick check with you guys here first... :\:flowers:
  2. I love love the shop in Caesar's Forum although I haven't visited any others in Vegas!
  3. I love the Wynn, & the manager is very accomodating. If they don't have what you are looking for he will call the other stores & have it brought over for you. I had some bags sent up to my room by him. Wonderful customer service.
  4. Wow! That sounds fun....I like ceasar's forum, but it is always so crowded.
  5. i'm planning a trip to vegas in january and i can't wait to check out the lv stores there!
  6. I've gotten the best service from the LV store at Caesar's. The one in the Fashion Show Mall is alright and I personally would not recommend the store at Wynn just because they've never bothered to help me there.
  7. oooooh vegas...

    i'm going to Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday in June (and of course to catch Mr. Manilow's show and of course, get me some LV!!) so this is great info!

  8. I am so excited for you!! :smile:
  9. The biggest store that carries not only bags, but jewerly, clothing and shoes would be Caesar's Forum Shops. Their inventory is high as it is a flagship store and most tourist go there to buy. I'm a local, so I try to avoid the tourist points. I usually go to Fashion Show Mall, NM, Saks or Wynn. I get great service and they have what I want or they will get it for me.
  10. My experience is exactly the opposite, :lol: I couldn't get near the counter or get a Sales associate to even acknowledge me at Ceasers. It is way to busy & touristy for me, I like the other stores better. If you want to see something, the inventory is larger at the Forum store, I need some pointers from alag before I try that store again though.
  11. Totally agree about the Wynn store... I still have bitter feelings toward them. :cursing:
  12. I've been to the one at fashion show it was ok, liked the caesar's one better. Haven't gone to the Wynn maybe will check it out when I go in Dec to celebrate my 21st :yahoo:
  13. Oh thats great... SO excited for you :smile:....
  14. i think the caesar's store is ok in size.. but a little dated in architecture. the store is indeed busy.. which explains why the store hasn't found time/etc to remodel. lol. i think the SA that helped me said that they are due sometime soon though. the wynn store is FABULOUS. omg i love it. i received some excellent service at the wynn.. some ok service at caesar's. i ended up buying in caesar's only because i had a $25 gift card.
  15. That was my experience at Ceasar's too...not pleasant at all :sad: Maybe we'r doing something wrong Taco?