Which large hobo horsebit should I get?

luv my bags

Speedy LoVer
Nov 17, 2006
I have wanted this bag for quite some time. I ended up getting the smaller version in the black GG fabric and am just not thrilled with it. I've had it for over a year and have used it probably a handful of times, it's just too small for me. I'm wondering if I should get the all leather in the camel (although I did just get the Marc Jacob Hudson in Chestnut--similar to camel), the beige/ivory GG fabric with the off white handle (which I already have the eclipse large shoulder bag in this same color), OR the chocolate Guccissima (which I already have the pelham bag in this same color)?? Which one would be better for an every day bag? Although who am I kidding, I don't have an "every day" bag seeing that I have over 30 bags that I love! :graucho:

Any input you have would be great! :shame:
Hmmm, I have two leather ons, black and camel, I truly love it-
Pros-Such a head turner, very functional for me since it holds so much
Cons, it can be very heavy and awkward, and the underside of the strap will "dig" into your shoulder when the bag gets heavy( fabric may be lighter??), also it bumps into a lot of things and the leather will scuff especially the edges.
All in all I love the style-ne plus ultra in the world of Gucci for me!
Ive always thought the medium too small, and looks like a shrunken version of large. Its stiff and takes away from the bag. The size is its charm, right?

I vote adamantly for the CHOCALATE guccissima. Ive always toyed with the idea of getting a large horsebit, came close a few times. And for me, its always been between the black with w/ light gold hardware...and the choc guccissima. The choc is the best of both worlds, dk brown with gold hardware is sooo lovely, then you have the embossed leather, a subtle logo not screaming like the jacquard fabric. And guccissima leather gets better with age, I love to see it broken in, soft and all creased up. The tan is also pretty of course. But dk brown is more complimentary to any wardrobe, its like the new black.

Also, like BLM said, the smooth leather is more prone to scuffs, compared to the Guccissima, I would think. You have the guccissima pelham?? Is that the tote with the metal thingy on the side??