which large bag do you think is good for handcarry luggage?

  1. I brought my denim cabas to use as handcarry but I have changed my mind so am now looking for a glazed brown e/w MC instead, do you think the handles will be strong enough to hold a full change of clothing with shoes and a large travel wallet?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for a large Chanel bag that isn't designed as handcarry bag?
  2. I think the cabas is the best choice. The e/w modern chain doesn't seem to be bigger. I have both and the cabas fits more-unless you get the extra large brooklyn bag (the 3150 one)
  3. i love the cabas! e/w chains are heavy and i don't think they are practical for traveling IMO.
  4. i would personally use teh denim cabas for travel I saw a pic of Cameron Diaz with hers and it looked great!
  5. I wouldn't travel with a cabas; if you were to put it into the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you on the plane you risk having all your possessions everywhere,since it doesn't close.It's also terribly pick-pocket friendly.
  6. The luxe ligne tote is a really nicely sized bag for travel. I use mine for school. It can fit SO much in it. :yes: Plus, the middle compartment zippers.

    The bag felt a bit on the heavy side when filled when I first got it, but I really got used to the weight and now I don't notice it.

  7. Thats a hard one. I almost bought a cabas for traveling but than realized...I'd hate to put in the over heads or on the floor since its leather and its going to get scratched up.

    So I ended up getting an LV keep all, even though its not my number one brand because its canvas, and if it gets banged around a bit I am not freaking out about it.
  8. Paris-Biarritz large tote. Will fit all of what you mentioned, plus more, super durable because it's canvas, lightweight, and comfy shoulder straps. The large zip pocket in the front is great for passport and tickets and it zips at the top for extra security. :yes:
  9. I think the Paris-Biarritz large tote and Cabas are great suggestions.
    My E/W is sadly too heavy to lug around even with hardly anything in it.
  10. I second this.

  11. I agree with the Paris-Biarritz!! Perfect for travel, also the Balenciaga weekender is great for travel, I know not chanel but a good choice, I sometimes carry as a carryon
  12. I use a Chanel Travel Ligne bag for my carry on, it's the perfect weight, you don't have to worry about damage, it holds up wonderfully, and it can hold a lot. I like a bag that I don't have to worry about damaging when I travel......