Which lady do you think has the best Hermes collection?

  1. I'm looking for inspiration.

    Who do you think has the best H collection? Is there a link to check it out?
  2. Interesting. I think everyone on here has an amazing collection. Why don't you just visit our Reference library, and check out the Members Hermes Items thread.
  3. Wow...tough question...it really depends on your taste in H bags
  4. Thanks. didn't know that's where to look. Any favorites?
  5. Too hard to say....everyone has such a special collection tailored to their own tastes and each is so amazing because of it. Have fun looking at the Members' Items thread---it's better than being in an Hermes store!
  6. Why are all of aspenmartial's bags removed from the site?
  7. I have no idea, but perhaps sending her a PM and asking is the best way to find out.

    I belong to a forum for a particular dog breed and someone asked a similar question .. "Which dog on the forum is your favorite". No one dared answer that bated question.
  8. Victoria Beckham
  9. LOL ccgoddess! So true!!!!
  10. I love browsing the Hermès collections of the PF members. Each members' bags are gorgeous! Everyone has a beautiful collection!
  11. Valesca Guerrand-Hermes!

    That woman must have an all-access pass.
  12. The lady I'm thinking about is Asian. We have a picture in the Asian with Birkin's thread. She's standing next to a piano and has colorful croc Birkins in the background! Now that girl has the sweetest collection in the world!!! :love:
  13. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. I enjoy drooling at every member's Hermes goodies here.. I swear, the collection amassed by everyone here is better than going to an H store at times.. hehe
  15. Mr Lau's family & assistant. Mr Lau= VIP of Hermes. This guy is the inspiration of many ladies here. Who doesn't want to get free birkins?