Which Lady D Lite?


Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
I'm a neutrals fan so I'd go with the gold and white haha.

And most of my wardrobe is black, white, beige, with hints of gray and olive greens so I can see gold and white working beautifully.

Though for either one, I'd wrap the handles since they're both white, I wouldn't want the canvas/woven material to get dirty or look more worn than the rest of the bag.

When you reach for a bag in your current collection, are there any colors you tend to gravitate more towards?
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Jan 28, 2009
Another vote for the gold and white - the 1st option is just a bit too bold for my personal taste. The gold/white is beautiful, elegant, and, because it’s more subdued, seems more classic to me. However, as some of the pp‘s have asked, which would work better with your wardrobe?