Which L.A.M.B. should I get????

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Which L.A.M.B. or non-LAMB???

  1. B&W Commodore because I love shoulder bags

  2. B&W Montego because it's such a classic shape

  3. Neither LAMB wait for them to go on sale

  4. RM MAM in black

  5. Jenny Yuen Sherlock in black

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  1. I'm totally in love with the new B&W print and I really like the new green (I think I can wait on the green going on sale). I'm pretty sure I want the B&W in either the commodore or montego. I'm a shoulder bag girl at heart and I love my shadow commodore but I feel like everyone should have a montego...or wait for them to go on sale and buy one of the non-LAMB bags I have been lusting after...

    B&W commodore


    B&W Montego

    Rebecca Minkoff MAM in black

    Jenny Yuen sherlock in black

  2. If I had to choose right now, I'd go with the Night MAM. It will last longer style-wise than the checkerboard. Plus we know the Checkerboard will eventually go on sale. So in choosing...I think the Commodore is a knockout and since you are happy with your Shadow Commodore then I'd go for that one. But when it goes on sale.
  3. I know I really need to wait until it goes on sale.
  4. I know the BW is killing me! I saw the wallet today at nordstroms and almost bought it!!! I seriously almost died it so pretty!
  5. BW Commodore!
  6. among all of the choices, i like the B&W montego the most..

    and knaz, i like your avatar :lol:
  7. I say wait for the sales! maybe then you can get both lambs? I prefer the montego, and I like the black RM MAM!
  8. DAMN thanks for telling me there is a wallet in B/W at the stores.... My husband is gonna kick my A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think wait until they go on sale because we KNOW they will in about 3-4 months...But the wallet I would pay full price for..maybe...Get the RM, I think her bags look great. I am getting on Monday from bloomies via UPS!
  9. Since we all know the LAMB bags will go on sale - I'd go for the one that will have more longevity IMO:

    RM MAM! [​IMG]

    I have that bag (with silver hardware) and it's great! I used the black so much that I grabbed another in a dark espresso color. It's such a good bag - I can see using mine for years. It is already pre-conditioned, so it works well in the rain too!
  10. i vote wait for the montego to go on sale
  11. I know girls you are all right I must wait for these to go on sale. But about that RM bag hmmm...
  12. the RM is looking better and better everytime I see it! youre making me want one..
  13. ^^Sorry, it's just such a great shape and when I saw them IRL they are amazing leather.
  14. The MAM looks yummmmmy! I vote for that because I think maybe you should hold out for the checkerboard sale...but I'm totally weak myself and probably can't wait for the sale so who am I kidding! Get whatever you want to wear right now! Even if that means both...:shame:
  15. You can probably find the MAM discounted now. And yes, her leathers are ridiculous. So you could get the RM now and the BW on sale in a few month.

    Indi, the little man in my sig wasn't working so I figured I'd take a more drastic approach. Lol!!