Which Kusama Wallet? Help me decide...

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  1. Trying to decide on a Kusama zippy wallet. I have the blue mono speedy. And I have a B&W vernis pochette, which I'd wear without a wallet. I don't change wallets often, so it looking nice with other bags is helpful.

    Which color mono or vernis Kusama would you recommend?

    Learning toward:

    Blue, green or white in mono OR b&w in vernis.
  2. I'm looking at the K wallets too. they look really fun.
    ooh I tough one. I would go for the vernis in b/w or if mono then the blue, but would that be too matchy matchy for you since you have the bag in blue mono? either one you choose will be fab.
  3. I am the worst decision maker!
  4. I think blue or green go well with the blue Speedy. I am not so into the vernis as I read about the discoloration problems which might happen with time, while the canvas stuff is pretty sturdy.

    I myself have the blue Kusama wallet and love how low-key it is. I had to decide between green and blue and both were lovely. Choose the blue because it was a tad darker and I prefer darker colors (it looks darker when the light is low). About white, I would be afraid about color transfer, especially when you plan to use it regurlarly.
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