Which Kova leggings to get..

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  1. I was wondering which pair to get.. I was gonna order the regular ones that cut off at your ankles but as i was about to do that I noticed they had a differ style as well. I'm 5'4 and wear a size 25 in jeans or 0 in pants. Should i be getting an xs?

    Which style do you guys prefer? Thanks so much!

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  2. I prefer the 2nd ones. The first ones look too 80s to me... and that wasn't a style I liked then either.
  3. I think an xs should fit you. I like both pairs!
  4. I like the 2nd ones as well. The stirrups just give me flashbacks that are hard to deal with! Also, I think an XS would fit perfect!
  5. I like the 1st... go standard first.
  6. I have the first pair. An XS would fit you just fine. THe only thing that I didnt like about the second pair is the zipper in the back. They would look OK tucked into boots or soemthing, I guess. I just liked the 1st style and wear them mainly with booties...
  7. Second ones are hot!
  8. i like the second pair more but i think they have zipper on the bottom on the back!
  9. Actually the second ones don't have the zipper but i did see those ones as well! or maybe it was these ones and i copied the wrong pic lol. But i think i will def try the ones without zippers..the "standard" ones first then maybe go for the 1st! thanks for the help!