Which Kooba started it all for you?

  1. I distinctly remember the very first time I saw a photo of a Kooba handbag, it was sometime in late October of 06.

    I was browsing one of my favorite sellers on eBay, Pinchrosemary. I bet many of you know her auctions, always full of lovely bags, beautifully photographed. Her photos make you drool.

    There sat an auction for a Kooba Frankie, one of the most detailed of Koobas. Those whip stitched handles!, the braided zipper pulls!, that bumpy, bourbon leather!, those interesting compartments!

    I knew someday I wanted that bag. Up to then the most ever spent on one was around $90, I used to carry Kathy VanZeeland (geesh, I cannot believe I just admitted that here). Stop laughing, I can hear you. *s

    I watched that auction in horror and couldn't believe that a USED bag sold for over $300!. Then I started researching the Kooba line and began to understand. My plan was in motion to own some of these wonderful bags.

    First came Maria, then Braedon, all the while watching and hunting for a well priced Frankie. Lo and behold one day on eBay Wowtag had a Frankie in bourbon BIN $285. My fingers could hardly function as I snapped that baby up and she was mine!

    Things come full circle and I now appreciate all of the Kooba family, they each have their own identity and look, all worthy of the name (except that pink snakeskin one, what were they thinking??).

    So tell us, what bag first inspired your Kooba love?

    We all want to hear your story.
    Frankie-06-2.JPG Frankie-inside-2.JPG
  2. For my it was the Sienna. My love for Kooba only started recently, about 3 months ago, (where was I, in a cave?) but I fell for it hard!! :p

    2 Weeks after Sienna came into my life I also adopted Elisha and they have made me want more..

    Looking to adopt:

    -Another Sienna
    -Charlie, although after Lexie's comments about this I might just wait until the fall line comes out.
  3. Love the Kathy VanZeeland story. :smile:

    LarSue and I are friends from a couple other forums and she would talk about her Koobas now and then. I checked them out and didn't think they were me at all...until Ms. Parker appeared in Patent Leather. I had to have her! I love good quality patent leather. Sooo she started me on the path to potential financial ruin.

    And I couldn't be happier. :p
  4. '...potential financial ruin.'

    Boy, isn't that the case. You know, though, it could be cars or vacations or antiques instead.

    I prefer to carry my obsession around on my arm.
  5. My habit started with the Lena. I was browsing the Saks online store (always a dangerous habit) and came across the Lena in honey. It was like a choir of angels were singing to me. It was love at first sight!!!

    I had to have her. I started looking around the net and eBay for deals. In mid-December I made a trip into town to the N.O. Saks so that I could see it IRL. The store was having an unadvertised 30% off sale!! There was no need to look any further. I whipped out my credit card and Lena was mine!

    I loved this bag like crazy. The leather and craftsmanship were beautiful and the bag was very user-friendly. I started lusting after more Koobas. The Paige was next. I'm just as happy with her as I am with Lena. Just last week I bought a Nicole (thanks Lexie!) and IT'S fantastic, too. Next on my list is a Sydney, or maybe an Elisha... maybe both.

    Kooba is like crack! I'm totally addicted and loving every minute of it.

    Grace and I are enabling each other. It's nice to have a support system. :smile:
  6. It started with the Marcelle for me.
  7. It was around Christmas 04. Our life circumstances were in a place where there was no money for extravagances. I had 2 older Aigner purses and wouldn't dream of any more expensive bags. That year we had some big changes and money was not an issue anymore. Right after Christmas I started seeing Kooba bags and especially the Sienna but Ebay I knew was polluted with Fake ones. I decided the Scarlett was a better size for me and I waited until I saw and auction I could trust. Surf*Goddess had Scarlett's and Marcelle's and I never would think I could have both so I purchased my Metallic Army Scarlett for around 365.

    Even my husband thought the bag was out of this world. Then it was about 3 months later that I bought the Cognac Marcelle from her also (She was the only seller I could trust since I couldn't authenticate anything). I thought this was it for me. But it turned into an addiction. I knew I wanted Koobas to be my Main Designer purse.

    We aren't into Luxury cars or Vacations. We live a simple life with our animals and Kooba's remain my favorite designer although I added in a few other Designers (If Bags, Botkier, and Grysons). Even Balenciaga bags didn't sway me fro my true love.
  8. My first acquaintance with Kooba came while looking around Bag, Borrow, Steal - just to see what bags were currently all the rage. I came across the Sienna and fell instantly in love. Searching for this bag is the reason I found TPF, where I learned all about the dangers of buying fake bags on Ebay - and about fakes in general.

    After my boyfriend surprised me with my first Kooba - a Sienna in orange, I soon added an ADA Woven tote to my collection, which I call my "Joan of Arc" purse. After that, it was a used tan chiara from ebay. Lastly, a Carla in eggplant. No camera cord yet - so no pictures. :sad:

    Before getting crazy over Kooba, I was starting to develop a crazy handbag addiction. I bought a Coach Chevron on ebay for about $250 - that was the most I ever spent on a bag. I also bought Betsey Johnson and quite a few bags from Banana Republic, etc. To date, Kooba is still the most expensive handbag I've purchased. I couldn't think of buying an LV - not only because of the price, but because it's just not for me.

    I love Kooba but do wish they could make them a little lighter. I have terrible shoulder problems and carrying the first 2 Koobas I bought as an everyday bag simply isn't possible. I still love them - I just wish I could get more use out of them.
  9. I saw a Sienna in desert last year on either NM or BG.com. It's really different from my usual dark brown or black bags and was just what i was looking for in a more casual S/S bag.

    Just got a mackenzie clutch (dark brown python) which was one of my vacation bags in Laguna - loves it!
  10. It all began for me around March -06...after years of bringing up kids and paying off a big house, funds were finally a bit more flush and DH treated me to a fabulous Gucci tote while we were in Kuala Lumpur. It just rekindled my love affair with beautiful shoes and bags and I went on the net to find out what was out there...(big mistake..)

    Some sites sold "inspired" bags and I loved the shape of one of them, which I later learned was a copy of a Kooba Sienna. Next stop was ebay, where I happily bought the bag in Cream, without doubting I was getting the real deal, seller said 110% authentic, right, wouldn't say that if it was a fake, would she...? (just another lesson learned) So the fakeroo was returned and I didn't like the Cream, which was more of a beige/yellowy colour and started searching for a reputable seller who had the bag in Ivory, Found one, got it, loved it, loved Kooba, want more!!
  11. larsue, "like a choir of angels were singing to me", LOL, more like little devils, we all find our excuses...

    jade, that fake Sienna was how I stumbled on Tpf as well, just sat there with that bag and had a sinking feeling she'd sent me a fake, needed some advice and found this brilliant forum:heart: Got my Sienna in July and must have still have been lurking for months, 'cause I didn't join until September...(now you can't get rid of me..)
  12. Like Jessie (polos26) I was also in a cave n never heard of Kooba before, until i found this forum. Not sure how i found this forum, but needless to say I kept reading abt Koobas here n decided to check them out. Saw the Carla on sale, decided to get it, n haven't looked back since.
  13. Mine only started 3 weeks ago with the Kooba Elisha in red thanks to this forum!!
  14. In early '06 I was obsessed with finding a good deal on a Dior saddle bag. Though I didn't know anything about Dior, and had never seen one IRL, my gut instinct led me to believe that about 90% of the ones on eBay were counterfeit (thank goodness I never bought one!). Internet searches for authentication led me to tPF, where my eyes were opened to a whole world of bags and designers I had never heard of. In the summer of '06 I stumbled upon a thread and some pictures of Kooba's Sienna and I was in LOVE! I registered as a user and since then spent a lot of time just lurking and soaking up knowledge and opinions. I found and purchased my Olive Sienna last August from ladyblue6918. I am so thankful of the resources here that helped me learn and make an educated purchase. I think of my Sienna as my first designer bag, though I had owned a few Coach and Dooney & Bourkes prior to that. It was after I received my Sienna that tPF became my favorite hangout, and I began coming here every day to see what was new.
  15. Thank you all for sharing your stories. It shows me we are so very much alike in many ways.

    There is always that 'one' bag that does it for us.