Which Kooba should I get?

Gold or Chestnut Kooba Ginger?

  • Gold

  • Chestnut

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They had the Kooba like this on sale at Off Fifth for close to $300 plus a 30% off coupon which is a lot cheaper! They had it in white, gold and banana at my outlet.;)
I think the Chestnut would take you further but I had a friend who bought the Chestnut and sent it back. She liked my bags that are mostly the distressed leather and she found the chestnut leather too smooth and shiny for her taste. I really like the Gold better in this Kooba bag but to me it's seems mostly a Winter type bag then.
Thanks for all your responses! After much thought,I've decided to hold off for now.I keep hearing about how much cheaper this bag is at off Fifths of NM Last Call...if anyone is going soon,could they have a look on my behalf and let me know what the prices are like? TIA;)