Which Kooba should I buy for "work"... help.

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  1. I freelance and am always going on job interviews. I am looking for the perfect business bag. It needs to fit folders and a legal pad. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have been looking online at the Gemma, Marlo, and Ryder. What do you ladies think?

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  2. I love the Gemma and I definitely think it looks work appropriate with the right amount of design. Marlo looks a bit young and Ryder is probably too trendy for a long term work bag.
  3. The Gemma is the best choice of the three. What you need is a black Carla if you can find one.
  4. Thanks ... I will look for one.
  5. I agree gemma looks the best for work!
  6. I'm also looking for a bag for work and have been eyeing the Gemma but am worried about the weight of the bag as I will be carrying books and papers. Is it a heavy bag? Thanks.