Which Kooba Natasha should i get?

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  1. Since i cant find the caramel patent anywhere, im looking into the Natasha in Straw and the Brown. I like both, we are going into Winter soon in Sydney so i was thinking the brown but the straw is so nice too.

    I love the shape of it and im going overseas for work and need a bigger bag.

    Any opinions? see attached pics
    KOOB-WY191_V1.jpg KOOB-WY192_V1.jpg
  2. Brown Brown Brown. That straw bag is sooo Blah. If this bag wasn't so big, I'd get it. Have you seen the Ink?
  3. I sure have. I dont like darker bags, i dont even own a black one. It is lovely, if only it were a bit lighter id buy it.

    Do you have the Brown Lexie?
  4. No. I have looked and looked at it. I love it but it's just too big for everyday use. My choices would be the Caramel Patent or the Brown Leather. Maybe I am just too practical but those light bags have to be watched too closely.
  5. Between those two, I'd vote brown... it's a little more versatile and you won't have to worry about where you put it.

    The ink is a gorgeous color as well, but my first choice of a Natasha would be the ever-so-versatile black one.
  6. I would get a caramel patent off of a trusted seller on eBay. It's on my list to buy too, but I am getting a BBag and a couple other Koobas first.