Which kooba are you desperate for next?

  1. I dont know why I didnt notice it before...but suddenly Im so yearning for a Paige in Khaki!!!!

    I reaaaaaaally want it now! I have been checking out all the paiges and this one appeals to me the most, because its light coloured and I reckon that it will look even better when its been battered about. Plus I like the lil' strappy things on the inside which holds the upper sides of the bag in place. I noticed that some paiges dont have that and the upper sides of the bag stick out a bit 'wing-like' which makes the paige lose its original shape.

    There are a few on eBay..but its alot of cash once I pay for shipping and the inevitable customs charges...

    But I reeeeeeally want it! :lol:

    What its you latest ''I want it now' kooba?
  2. If I were desperate for a certain Kooba it would be on my doorstep in under 3 days, I work fast. *s

    I have what I want from the line at the moment and will wait until their Fall intros, hoping for a 'knock your socks off' style that will light my fire.
  3. I've decided that I want a gretchen in bark. I want a suede carla as well, but that can wait til fall. WANT the gretchen NOW!:yes:
  4. I wouldn't mind a Carla (not sure how much, not really desperate..), but if I come across a brand new Marcelle, that would probably get me going..

    Apart from those, I'm waiting to see if Kooba gets their act together for fall, as I found this collection a bit disappointing...some of the styles were great, but too much fuss with the leather..what I would like, is a Josie in black (yes, she looks really cute, perfect for nipping down to the Indian on the corner..)

    Halzer, that Paige is one of my faves, would definitely consider her if I could wear her without getting my shoulder pulled out of its socket (it's time for Kooba to make lighter bags, too many gorgeous styles get ruined by the weight.., and Koobalover, I'm not knocking Kooba as a brand, you know I love them, just certain things they can improve on...)
  5. Is this an Australian expression because I have NO IDEA what you are talking about...LOLOL Nipping an Indian??? Sounds kinda dirty!:wtf:

    I have no new Kooba Urge at the immediate moment. I have a Gustto Setela on order but it'll take a month. I am selling a bag to get that one. I have so many bags I really have to sell one to replace it at this point because my closet overfloweth.

  6. LOL, Lexie, never heard that before? Nipping down to the shops (or to the Indian restaurant in this case..)

    Halzer, you know what I'm talking about, don't you? I'm surrounded by Londoners, that's where it comes from..."sounds kinda dirty" what is she like!, LOL
  7. I haven't loved any recent Kooba styles. I'm hoping for better this fall.
  8. I've never heard anything about Nipping and certainly not nipping an Indian. My Mama taught me better! LOL

    It's gotta be British than because I'm not certain what nipping means the way you reference it. Nipping in the US is like a small bite or Nipping it in the Bud means to stop it before it gets too big.

    Nipping down to the Indian had be quite perplexed. Here in the States I guess we would call it "taking a stroll down to the 7-11...LOL
  9. ....ahaaahahahahaaa!

    LOL Lexie...surely you have nipped down to the shop for a pint of milk?
    Or nipped to the loo (or the rest room as ya'll might say? Why is it called rest room? Who rests there?;) )
    Nipped is like saying 'Im quickly going' or 'Im popping out'...like your not going to be that long.

    :lol: Maggie, LOL its so funny that you brought up 'nipped'. Are you a secret brit?
    The only Aussie slang I know comes from watching aussie soaps as a teen, so I wont insult you by trying to talk about Golaars (?), Hoons and Snags?

    :nuts: .....and yes, Im poised to purchase that paige.
  10. Nope, I've never "nipped" anywhere...LOL We might say "I'm going to pop out for a moment". I've never heard the word nipped used in that way. If I said that they would think I would be biting and gnashing my teeth as I walk to the market. And then I wouldn't be working in the Psych department at work...I'd be living there!:wtf:
  11. LOLOL, how can I try and get this back on topic.

    I love the English language, and the differences in localities. (even within the same counry).

    I have been looking in the dictionary.

    I wondered if you had heard of

    "Nip it in the bud"?

    My car is nippy?

    I just nipped out?

    Typically, they are not consistent when used in this way.

    We have a difficult language.:smile:
  12. You gals are too funny! I actually understood the term, so apparently I am picking up British slang from my friends and co-workers. Anway, back OT ... I think I am going to give in and get the Natasha in ink. She's big, she's soft and she's so pretty! I am trying to hold on until the spring bags start to go on sale.
  13. LOL Solly! All those different 'nip' meanings!!

    Or how about 'Its quite nippy outside!! I never noticed before that nip could mean so many things.
  14. Yes Halzer!, that's another one, thank goodness you girls came to my aid here, was almost beginning to think I had made the whole expression up, LOL

    Sorry to have this discussion in the middle of longing for our next Koobas, but where it came from in my post was actually related to topic, before Lexie brought in the Indians and how she was sure her mother would not approve...sorry, Lex, only teasing..

    And by the way, I am not Australian and have very few Aussie expressions going on (I think..) Halzer, my husband and most of his family all come from London, I suppose 20 years of living amongst them has rubbed off (could probably write a small book about cockney expressions.. Lexie, your mother would definitely not approve, LOL)

    surlygirl, I would love to see that Ink colour in real life, wonder how blue it is..
  15. Halzer, purse ban 'till 2008!. don't make me laugh:graucho: (I believe that when I see it..)