Which Koob for my Ma?

  1. I've finally corrupted my mother. She was always complaining about how 'stupid' spending more than $100-200 on a bag is. She currently has a Cole Haan.

    Lo and behold! Apparently she has started whining to my dad that she wants a Kooba! :okay:

    Which one do you think would be most appropriate for her given the following 'issues' she always has:

    1. Cannot be heavy
    2. Should go with as much as possible
    3. needs comfortable straps for the shoulder (no chains or little pads)
    For her birthday gift I'll get her a gift card to make her Koob a little less painful for her. I'm not familiar with all the Koob options and their qualities, so I thought I'd ask the experts!:tup:
  2. You didn't say if she needed a big or little bag so I thought about medium sized ones. Maybe This Devin...


    Or How about a Jessie?

  3. Sorry, yes, medium sized, preferably with a key clip and/or a cell phone pocket... The Devin is cute!

    Also, where is the best place to find a range of Koobas? She would probably prefer a brick and mortar store where she can fondle them. I looked at Nordie's site and they didn't list Koobs.