which koala to get?? do accessories all have to match our bags? *DILEMMA*

  1. ok... so here's the whole story... i wanna get a koala wallet and i love the red epi koala. i've gone to take a look at it a few times, and am abit worried that 1) it might get really fat 2) the clasp may be hard to fiddle with cos it's small. but i love the colour and the leather!!

    i currently own a trouville (mono), a petit noe (mini monogram in cerise colour) and a black epi pochette. and i'm expecting a cerises cles on the way to me... the pieces that i plan to "conquer" and add to my collection in the near future are:

    - damier alma
    - red speedy 25
    - MC white wapity
    (list not exhaustive) :P

    i seem to be getting 1 pc fr every collection :lol: cos the pieces that i love all come fr different collections. :angel:

    if i get the red epi koala, it will match the red speedy 25 tt i get eventually. should the lv pieces we carry match? is it strange to fish out diff accessories fr ur bags? :blink:

    any thoughts? thanks! :flowers:
  2. I personally don't think it's strange to have different colored accessories in your bag, actually, I think that's normal. Just get what you like :biggrin: Besides, the contrasting colors from the different lines might look really pretty. Do you have any pictures of your accessories and purses together?
  3. I agree with littlepanda! I bought a wallet in mandarin epi (to match my epi speedy) but carry it with my damier speedy instead and it looks GORGEOUS!!! The colors go really well together.:smile: Go for something different. This way you'll have something from every line.
  4. I am a stickler for matching accessories. There are some circumstances that I'd bend on though...for example, a red Epi wallet in a Cerises line bag (the cherries would compliment the red Epi). I mean, honestly, I'd carry a matching Cerises wallet, but I wouldn't cringe if I saw someone pull out a red Epi one.
  5. I think the red epi koala would go with everything that you have and plan to get. I dont see any problems with not having matching accessories. As littlepanda said: "the contrasting colors from the different lines might look really pretty".
  6. I have a bunch of red epi accessories -- they go with everything, including cerises, mono, damier, denim, etc. I think the contrast makes both the bag and the wallet look great.
    I also have a koala, but in damier. I love the style. It holds everything -- all my cards, my DL, my cash, and doesn't seem too fat.
    Go for it.
  7. The accessories don't have to match at all. Just find what you like and run with it! Mine are more neutral (black epi PTI and checkbook cover), but get what makes you happy!
  8. I'm the opposite, I never like to match my wallet or accessories with the bag. :amuse:
  9. Interesting...maybe I'm weird but I think every bag should have ONE matching accessory to it...then afterwards, you can buy whatever and whichever other accessory(s) your heart desires. I only like stuff from the Monogram Canvas and Monogram Multicolor collections, so everything I buy ends up matching...lol...but every now and then I add in an accessory from the Vernis collection to give some pizzazz.
  10. hehehe, me too! hehehe!
  11. I choose my wallet on how it looks by itself, not necessarily bc it matches any of my bags. I ended up choosing the Epi Compact wallet in blue...I LOVE IT! It stands out on its own, but still compliments all my LV pieces.

    Good luck!
  12. i pick a wallet because i like it and it's functional for me...i could really care less if it matches.
  13. thanks everyone for your commments!

    i find myself dreaming about the red epi koala - that's a bad sign that it's going to be mine soon! :P

    maybe....... as i build up my collection, i can eventually match at least one accessory to each bag!!!! i think DH will faint!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    little panda~ i haven't got a pic of my LV family yet. shall try and take one when my cles arrives! :smile: