Which knot clutch?

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  1. I am planning to get the satin knot clutch in black as that's the price is affordable for me among all the knots. However, I am not sure which knot I should get. Should I get the one with ottone vecchio hardware (gold colour) or silver hardware (black colour). Both of them cost the same. Is satin difficult to look after? Do you think black is good or boring choice? If boring, any other suggestions? Are there any knot clutches which have similar price range with the satin knot? Many Thanks.

  2. oooooops, forgot to include the poll before clicking the submit button. How do I add the poll back?
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    I like the one with the ottone vecchio hardware....it looks more classy to me...the black one looks nice too but the gold sticks out more to me...and with a nice dress i can see that more than the one with the black knot.

    oh have you checked the other know clutches that are the same price...but different colours?
    The Ash and Dawn colour is nice too:smile:
  4. Hi Londoner,

    I also considered getting a silk satin knot clutch in nero. After meeting "them" both in person I find it's a really tough choice. I love the intrecciato pattern on the SS08. It's more outstanding & eye-catching. However, I prefer the nero nappa knot & trim on FW04/05.

    Ash & dawn colors are nice but I guess they are out of stocks in HK...?The new colors are also available at store, such as bright green, orange & blue. But personally I think it's safer to get a black one as it's more versatile.

    When you've made the decision, let us know! :smile:
  5. Ash looks good but will it be difficult to match with most colours of clothing?
  6. I thought all satin knots looks the same. What's the difference between the FW04/05 and SS08?
  7. The woven pattern is different (SS08 is more '3D'). The knot of SS08 is made with ottone hardware vs FW04/05 with nero nappa leather. And according to the info in the BV links, SS08 has suede trim vs FW04/05 has nappa trim. BV Harbour City has both styles, you may go & take a look to see which one you like more. ;)
  8. Im voting for the 2nd option. The one with the hardware knot clasp.....
    the hardware knot clasp is more hardy.
  9. i like option two as well - a little more bling.
  10. You can't. I can't do it for you either...I've tried that. My evil mod powers are not that powerful. PM me if you want to close this thread and re do one with a poll...jburgh
  11. i like the contrast of the black satin and gold hardware!
  12. I prefer the first one personally - the gold hardware on the second is nice, but I tend not to wear gold and therefore the first one would work better for me... but both are lovely!!
  13. I like the second one better, too.

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  14. I prefer the ottone vecchio hardware. It looks more dynamic.

    I really like the dawn and ash colors, but since I haven't seen them in person, I'm not sure if they're versatile enough. Anyone can share some experience?

    Also what do you do if the satin is getting dirty?
  15. Anyone knows if Harrods in London still carries BV?