Which kind of leather is the lightest for a birkin?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am on a research to buy a birkin 35 for myself but I dont want it to be too heavy before I put my things on it. I went to some store that stock birkins and I tried to hold couple of different one and I feel they are a bit heavy eventough they are empty. So can anyone suggest me which kind of leather should I get? I want the one that is soft and scratch resistant as well.

  2. Yes, Birkins can be a bit heavy even when they're empty. IMO, the lightest are the exotics -- Crocodile, Lizard and Ostrich. In non-exotics, Togo is lighter than Clemence and Fjord. These three are scratch resistant. I hope others will chime in on Swift and how it compares in weight to Togo, for example. As I understand it, Swift is the slouchiest, then Clemence and then Togo. I haven't mentioned Box Calf, a light weight leather that isn't scratch resistant.
  3. swift is quite heavy as well...maybe just to me...though it's still lighter than clemence
    i heard chevre is light...is it lighter than swift?
    vl should be a nice one..light, and high resistanc to scratch right?
  4. Yes, I've heard that Chevre is light, too. I have zero experience with Chevre or VL.
  5. VL is a light natural grained leather but it is quite structured and stiff, you wanted soft..it's very resistant to scratching - it was the original Hermes luggage leather. It does soften slightly over time but would probably undulate gently rather than slouch. It's one of the most expensive leathers unfortunately. It's got everythign you want for your 35cm but might not be 'soft' enough.
  6. i am thinking getting VL for my next birkin...
    i never like rigid bags, but i saw a vl birkin in reference thread and fell in love with it :drool:
    probably chevre is a good choice here....that's gonna be my next next birkin :graucho:
  7. Yes, my chevre is very light and scratch resistant. However, it isn't soft--definitely one of the stiffer leathers. No slouch at all....
  8. Chevre is definitely the lightest. :smile:
  9. Chevre, croc, swift & chamonix are all light leathers.
  10. Ostrich is terribly light.
  11. epsom, croc, box, and courchevel are all light. togo is very heavy but durable.
  12. Thanks all for your opinion, with certain budget for the birkin, its impossible for me to get the croc or ostrich ( too expensive for me that I rather buy a new car instead :smile: ) It is a dilemma for me, I want the softness of clemence leather but it might be too sloucy it would not keep the shape when its empty. The togo seems to keep the shape of the bag but when the buckle and flap all open and loosen up, it still look a bit stiff. Since its expensive, i would like to wear as an everyday bag and more of a casual fun looking bag so the bag will worth the money we pay for. Arrrrgghhhh sooo confusinggggg :crybaby: